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The Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection Tutorial and Review

  Hello Beautiful People! Yes, I've gone and done it again... I've casually become a stranger to my own blog. I do apologise... there has been A LOT going on, and some life changing decisions that have been made (all will be revealed soon, so watch this space...) but I am back with a long anticipated review! Read on to find out my true thoughts on the range that has the natural blogging world going crazy, and watch my technique of how to use Frizz Free Curls' wonder products to get the perfect 5 minute wash and go!

My Bleach London Super Cool Hair Colour Experience

Hello beautiful people - long time no see! It's safe to say my hair has changed a bit recently. My hair has changed more in the past three months than it has in my whole 24 years of life! Since my big chop on New Year's Eve for Age UK, I have bleached my hair and dyed it nearly every colour of the rainbow... literally. Read on to find out my thoughts on the Bleach London hair colours I have had the pleasure of using, and find out what else I have in store for my hair.

My Bleached TWA Wash Day Routine | Product Breakdown and Tutorial

As you will know if you follow my blog, my instagram, my snapchat ( thelondoncurls ) or subscribe to my YouTube channel (shameless self promotion, I know!) a lot has changed in regards to my hair since my big chop on New Years Eve. Once a committed henna addict, I have bleached my hair not once, not twice, but THREE times in the past month (follow the hyperlinks to see the first two bleaching processes), and therefore the products and care I put into my hair have had to change a lot to accommodate this. Watch my latest video on how I wash and style my hair, and learn more about my new holy grail products.

2016: Life since my Big Chop

Hello beautiful people, and may I start off with an incredibly late HAPPY NEW YEAR! As you will know if you followed my fundraising journey before New Years Eve, or even if you have checked my Youtube or Instagram since the start of 2016, A LOT has happened! However, if you have been living under a rock, let me fill you in, and also fill the rest of you in on the amazing things I have planned for 2016!
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My Life

Being Mixed Race: My BBC 5 Live Interview

Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by BBC 5 live in regards to a series they are doing on diversity in the UK (please see the video above). 50 years ago, the Race Relations act outlawed discrimination on the "grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins" in public places. The focus of this series is to see whether, 50 years on, discrimination and racism still exists within the UK. Having spoken openly about my experiences of growing up mixed race in the past, I jumped at the opportunity to discuss this with a larger audience. Read on to learn more about my experiences of discrimination, and listen in on our conversation!
My Life

In Memory of My Grandparents… My BIG Shave for Age UK

As you will be aware from my previous posts and videos, this year I lost both of my maternal grandparents. My grandfather past away on the 30th September, and my grandmother was reunited with her husband of over 60 years on the 14th October - just two weeks after. I lived with my grandparents for most of my childhood and teenage years, and both of them were more like parents to me, as they supported both myself and my mother who has cerebral palsy. There are no words to describe how much love and respect I have for both of them, thus why I took such an active role in caring for them both, especially in the last few years. Therefore, even though I was left devastated by their passings, I feel content knowing they were never completely alone and knew they always had someone to rely on. Unfortunately, many elderly people can go days, weeks or even months without even having a conversation with someone. That is why on the 31st December I will be shaving my head to raise money for Age UK. Read on to find out more about why I want to donate to this amazing charity, watch me discuss the big event and find out how you can support me.

Review of The Jessica Range Kinky-Curly Weave with Discount Code (with video)

It has been a long year of protective styles: from faux locs, to havana twists, to turbans, to braids... it's safe to say I've tried them all. Well, at least thats what I thought! A few months ago, I spoke to the lovely Zaineb of, who recommended the Jessica Range - a luxury UK based company offering top of the range Celebrity hair extensions. Of course I explained that as much as I loved having weave in the past, I wouldn't want to risk damaging my hair by applying heat to it. Straightened hair is extremely hard to maintain, especially when your hair is as curly as mine! Little did I know at the time that the Jessica Range supplied 'Kinky-Curly' hair that promised to match my natural hair perfectly. Could this be too good to be true? Read on to find out my honest review...

New Video: Hollywood Waves with the KeraCare Glowwbox | Tutorial, Review and Discount Code

Hello beautiful people! After 18 long months I went and did the unthinkable... I straightened my hair! Using the Limited Edition KeraCare Glowwbox I blow-dried my hair, straightened it and created Hollywood-style waves after doing an overnight bantu-knot out. Watch my latest video to see how I achieved this look while avoiding heat damage, and find out how you can also get your hands on over £40 worth of KeraCare goodies for just £9.95.

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