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A Magical Lush Christmas!

There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.

– Sylvia Plath

If you have read my previous post, you will know that Wednesday 30th September will be a date I will never forget. Writing this blog post has been difficult for me for that reason, as what followed this event was so emotionally devastating. However, prior to what turned out to be one of the worst nights of my life, I had had an amazing time at the Lush Oxford St, and had smiled more than I had in a long time.

Furthermore, the amazing gifts I took away from the event have helped me a lot through the last few days, as I have taken the time to have a relaxing bath and pamper session every day in an attempt to make myself feel better and to self reflect. In all honesty, this ‘me time’ has helped me a lot – taking time out for yourself and allowing yourself to relax is something we should all make time to do, especially when we are facing hardship. Therefore, it is only right that I share the amazing mood-boosting goodies I picked up on what was by far the most generous blogging event I have ever been to!


Before even reaching the venue, the smell of delicious all-natural soaps wafts down Oxford Street, due to this huge bubble bath in the entrance!

Having entered, I was given a name badge, a treasure map and was directed to these amazing gifts. That’s right; each and every blogger invited to the event was gifted with a HUGE gift box full of Lush goodies! One week down, and I’m still no where near half way through my selection of 20 (yes, TWENTY) bath bombs found in my tall green gift box. 


Everywhere you turned were stalls of winter goodies. The Yog Nog bath bomb (yellow one at the top) for example is a delicious smelling bath bomb stuffed with cocoa butter to sooth and moisturise dry skin in the winter months! Lush staff and creators were on hand to explain each of the products, and anything at all from the Winter collection (as directed to by the treasure map) was free to take away! AMAZING!


As you can tell, the idea of getting plenty of freebies and half my Christmas shopping done all in one day left me very pleased!


I met up with the lovely Farida (@CurlyProverbs) and we made our way around the three floors of Lush together.


Farida, a fellow henna head, obviously had to get a pic with the henna wall!


I then talked Farida through some of the amazing natural hair goodies that I learnt about at the Lush #NaturalHair event this summer.IMG_5825

Downstairs, I had a quick sniff of some Lush perfume.


As you can see on my hand, one slick of the Lush Santa Baby lip tint left a lasting impression on my skin!



Then of course I had to have a quick sit down just so I wasn’t overcome by excitement (…oh, and for a photo opportunity of course).


In the basement of the Lush Oxford Street branch there is also a spa! On arrival, we were given some delicious lemon and strawberry infused water. Everything from this point on was in the style of an old English country house… the furthest thing from the hustle and bustle of central London outside!


Within one of the rooms was a selection of mood boosting oils. Each person to visit the spa is asked to choose what mood they want to be in e.g. ‘happy’ or my favourite… ‘meticulous.’


The lady that showed us around then explained that this double spa room is perfect for mother and daughter bonding, AND is wheelchair friendly, so this is definitely a place I will consider bringing my mother to in the near future…


In another room was a bath for the guests to use after their spa treatments. So beautiful!


Having been shown around each of the rooms, we sat down with other bloggers in the ‘lounge.’


We were then each treated to a unique rose candy floss drink – the perfect sugary beverage to prepare you to go back out to the busy London streets.




Before we left, I was given a lovely relaxing arm massage with what smelt like a chocolately syrup!



My arms were left feeling soft and deeply moisturised from what was a surprisingly exfoliating treatment.


Back upstairs, my hands were pampered yet again as a Lush man (no pun) demonstrated how to use both the ‘Snowman’ shower jelly and the ‘Christingle’ body conditioner. He sure knew how to work the camera angles!



Finally, I took one last look at the bath bombs before heading to to tills – I am always blown away by the huge selection of bath bombs available!


At the till, I was handed my free gift box – it was a lot heavier than it looks!


Then I went over to the wrapping station, where my basket full of winter products was wrapped up for me!


I left Lush with my hands quite literally full of Christmas goodies. I never expected to be so spoilt, and the gifts I have taken away from the event have really helped brighten each day! A special thank you to Olivia from the Lush PR team who invited me to this event!


Of all the products I have tried since attending the event (I still have a LOT more to get through), I would definitely recommend:

  • Rose Jam shower gel – smells utterly delicious, and is packed full of Argan oil and other moisturisers
  • Cranberry face mask – incredibly moisturising and refreshing, as it is made from fresh ingredients and therefore must be kept in the fridge
  • Snow Angel Bath Melt – it smells really yummy, and is infused with cocoa butter which moisturised my skin perfectly
  • Santa Baby Lip Tint – made with shea butter, this lip tint has an amazing buildable red colour to it
  • and finally Bûche de Noël Cleanser – this smells just like a (boozy) fruit cake, full of almond oil to leave the skin clean and soft

I look forward to using the rest of these products, and I will be sure to let you all know which others I will be repurchasing!

With love from London,

Davina x



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