August 2015 Glowwbox – Review and Discount Code

It finally happened. I finally got my hands on a Glowwbox *. And not just any Glowwbox… the ‘USA All Stars’ edition! For months I have been envious of other bloggers who have had the pleasure of reviewing the Glowwbox, and it felt amazing to finally get a chance to try it for myself. 

But maybe I should start from the beginning… what is a Glowwbox?

Glowwbox is a luxury beauty package tailored to women – of all races – with darker skin tones. Whether you are black, mixed race, asian, arab or a delightful mix of the above, I am sure that you have at least once experienced the rage of going into a local shop and finding no products that suit your skin tone or hair texture. Glowwbox gives you the opportunity to receive a box full of haircare, skincare and beauty products, on a monthly basis, so that you can try various products before going to the shops and buying them! And the best news? Now I have the opportunity to give you the chance to receive your first ever Glowwbox for just £5. Read on for details…


So first things first, lets talk packaging… isn’t it adorable? I received this box through the post and upon opening the parcel I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. The box was literally overflowing with products, as the OGX (formerly Organix) Argan Oil & Shea Butter conditioner from this month’s box was unable to fit inside!

Opening up the box was like unwrapping a present, as the contents of the box were neatly wrapped in pink tissue paper!


After emptying the contents of the box – I’m a big kid so neatly aligning the products around the box came waaaay after – I took a closer look at each of the products I had inside. Bearing in mind the normal retail for the box is £15 + Postage and Packaging per month (or less depending on your subscription) I think you’ll agree that this is quite a substantial amount to receive. Having done my homework, the normal retail price of all of these products combined is above £30, so big savings can definitely be made each month! Now lets look at each product individually…


The Products:

Revlon Nail Enamel in Perfect Coral 990 (£6.49)


Now I am a HUGE fan of vibrant colours (as you may be able to tell from my Instagram) so this bright coral shade was right up my street. As expected with Revlon, the nail varnish was of a high quality, and was perfect in just one coat. I feel the shade is a more playful alternative to traditional red nail varnish, and is almost a ‘pillar box red’ shade – perfect as a statement colour that would match a lipstick like ‘So Chaud’ by Mac – a personal favourite of mine! I can’t wait to put this on for carnival, as no doubt I will be wearing some form of bright block colour or print over the weekend!

OGX Argan Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner (£6.99 each)


After letting my nails dry, I headed into the shower. I was particularly excited to try these products, as my local Tescos has recently started stocking these, so it would be great to find products that are readily available near me. The shampoo lathered up very quickly, but had a luxurious texture that didn’t strip my hair. As I had used henna in my hair a few days prior, this shampoo was really effective in removing any left over dye without leaving my hair feeling dry. Perfect!

After using the shampoo, I applied some of the conditioner, and let me tell you – it went on like BUTTER. It melted into my hair, leaving my curls feeling like they were coated in a deep conditioner rather than a high street conditioner! The conditioner left my curls feeling really soft, which made finger detangling a breeze (see picture below).


After finger detangling, I brushed through my hair with a Denman brush (with ease, may I add) before twisting my hair up into 10 juicy twists (see below). I’m genuinely really impressed by this conditioner, and I’m tempted to try a braid or twist out style using it as a styling product as it felt so moisturising. Watch this space…


After washing most (but not all) of the conditioner out, I moved on to applying my leave-in.

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner Sample ($4 or £2.55)


Hello, old friend! Mixed Chicks is a range I used when I first went natural back in 2008, and I have been meaning to revisit it. In more recent years I’ve become timid when it comes to doing wash and gos without a hefty gel as a styling product, as I find my hair is really thick and can be prone to going frizzy.

It’s safe to say my fears were quashed, as the leave-in did everything it promised – moisturised my hair, controlled the frizz and defined the curls without weighing it down. I loved the results – what do you think?

Revlon PhotoReady Eyeshadow in Renaissance 515 (£8.99)


Now this product was a big surprise for me. I love a smokey eye look, but I had never considered blending khaki green with purple. After first applying the primer, I moved on to using the colours. I was shocked by how pigmented the colours were, but this is always a good sign for me, as it means that I can definitely achieve a very intense smokey eye effect in the future. I didn’t care for the two applicators that came with the set, but having replaced them with my Urban Decay eyeshadow brush, this was the look I achieved (see below). Verdict? I really really like it! The deep purple shade definitely compliments my skin tone more than traditional grey smokey eyes, and the khaki green was also a pleasant surprise. This was most definitely an intense look, so I blended it out a bit for the day time, but I look forward to using this again on a night out soon!


Hydrience Argan Moisture Replenishing Mist sample (full size bottle $18 or £11.48)


This is the one product I have not yet had the chance to try. Having opened the bottle, it has a pleasant fruity sweet smell and a light dry oil texture. I am going to wait until my hair is in a sleek style before trying this, so a review will soon follow!

 Overall thoughts

I absolutely love the concept of the Glowwbox and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I love a bargain, so any subscriptions that offers me the chance to receive products half price on a monthly basis is a keeper for me!

Discount Code!

Now you can try out this Glowwbox! Simply use the code ‘LDNCURLS’ at the checkout to receive your first Glowwbox (normally £15 + £3.95 P+P) for £5.95. This code can also be used in the USA and Europe, so use LDNCURLS to see what an amazing discount you can also receive on these products! Offer ends 31 August 2015, so be quick to get your hands on the goodies!

With Love from London,

Davina x

P.S. The full tutorial and review on how I used each of these products will be up on my YouTube on Saturday morning, so keep your eyes peeled!


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