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7 Steps to Radiant Clear Skin

In my most recent video, I shared how I achieve a picture-perfect radiant glow throughout summer without caking on the make up. (Stand-by for the shameless plug...) if you haven't already watched that make up tutorial, have a watch here! Within the video, I briefly touched upon how I prepare my face for the make up, i.e. ensuring that my skin is clean and moisturised before applying any make up at all to my face. Believe it or not, on a day to day basis I barely wear make up. Unless I really really have to, I tend to go about my business without any make up at all (obviously mascara and eyeliner may be applied if I'm going down to the shops, but that hardly counts, right?) It hasn't always been this way. Throughout school I couldn't bear the idea of walking around with a bare face, and would spend 20 minutes each day applying foundation all over my visage. It was only once I realised that I was genuinely scared to be seen without a mask of foundation that I identified there was a problem. Once I began to follow an effective skincare routine I soon became more confident within my own skin. My skincare routine has evolved over the years, but I can honestly say I have never been happier with my skin. Now I'm not saying throw your make up bag out the window - that would render my latest make up tutorial pretty invalid - but I want to share with you my 7 steps to achieving a radiant glow without any make up at all! So without further ado, lets start, shall we?

Bolu’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

It's been a really long time since the last #MenOnNaturalHair response, but I love reading them, so keep them coming! A few months ago, I asked you all to respond to the two questions I asked in my original video (watch it here). Bolu (@_bnoelle) who you may recognise from this street style post, sent in her response to the two questions below:  1. Do men treat you differently when you have natural hair? 2. Would you change your hair for a man?
My Life

Köln, Germany with my cousin Franklin

On Monday 3rd August I travelled to Köln, Germany, via the Eurostar to spend three nights and four days with my cousin Franklin. Franklin lives in Germany with his mother, and is a native German speaker, therefore it was like having my own tour guide! Check out what we got up to, as well as the vlog that we made (above). Viel Vergnügen!

Curly Hair Mag Launch

On Tuesday 28th July I was invited to the launch of a brand new FREE magazine, written for and by the natural hair community in the UK - Curly Hair Magazine. I met Chloe (@thelazycurls) in Stratford Westfields, and after a quick costume change in Forever 21 (don't ask) we headed down to Soho, to the gorgeous Grace Bar on Windmill street. Find out what familiar faces were at this event, as well as all the fun we got up to at what was one of the best natural hair events EVER.

Taliah Waajid Blogger Mixer

As some of you who follow my Instagram and Snapchat (both @theLondonCurls) may know, I broke my ankle at the end of May while running in a Tough Mudder competition. Just my luck, right? After six weeks, I finally got the cast taken off, and on Thursday 23rd July came the time for me to finally reintroduce my (extremely skinny) right leg back into the blogging world! At 8pm, I hobbled down to Junior Green Hair Salon in Knightsbridge for the Taliah Waajid Media and Blogger Mixer. Have a read of what fun me and twiggy got up to!

‘Frizz Free Curls’ Review

It's long overdue, but I have finally got around to trying the Curls* (@FrizzFreeCurls) range, and its safe to say I am in love. I've been excited to try this all natural range for a long time, but before I go into my review, let me first go back to when I received my Frizz Free Curls goodies... After attending the Frizz Free Curls event hosted by FroGirlGinny in the Essex branch of Beauty by Zara, I was given samples of the new blueberry gel as well as my staple edge tamer, the Passion Fruit Control Paste. A few days after the event, Curls reached out to me and a few of my fellow bloggers who had attended the event but unfortunately hadn't been given a gift bag of full sized products. Curls therefore ensured that we received these goodies, and a shampoo, conditioner and curl cream promptly arrived in the post.

Product Review: Antidote Street’s Joliette Leave-in and Hydrating Mist

  As a Curly Ambassador for CurlsUnderstood, I was given the pleasure of trying out two products from Joliette* - a 'luxury hair care brand made from oils and butters inspired by the Caribbean.' Available from, the range promises to 'not only look and smell amazing but give your hair & skin the special care they need without harsh chemicals or artificial colourants.' Having tried the Whipped Creamy Leave-In and the Hydrating Mist, have a read of my honest review of both of the products below.