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Lola’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

Hey lovelies I hope you're all doing well, whichever corner of the world you're currently in. You may have guessed from the post title, and if you've been following the series, you'll definitely know that this post will focus on my experiences of how having natural hair has influenced my interactions with guys. So what's the issue?
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ACLT Donor Drive – #DansBday1403

Yesterday I had the privilege of supporting an amazing cause. In Global Radio station, Leicester Square (home to Capital Xtra) the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) hosted the #DansBday1403 donor drive. The aim was to spread the word and raise awareness about the lack of black donors on the GLOBAL bone marrow register, and to sign up as many people as possible to potentially save lives. As myself and Hayley (@lenahlang) walked in, we were greeted by a warm welcome from passionate volunteers. We were each handed a clipboard with a form to sign to join the donor register. Attached to the board was also a leaflet with the adorable face of Daniel De-Gale on it - a young man who battled Leukemia for many years who unfortunately passed away, aged 21, in 2008.
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My Faux Locs and ‘The Big Shave’ for The Little Princess Trust

Hello beautiful people! Happy International Woman's Day! As you may have noticed on instagram and the blog, I have had my hair put into long Faux Locs! Watch the video of how I got it done, how I prepped for it and what plans I have for it in this video here... However, just as I have added hair to make my own hair appear longer, the beautiful Shannon is preparing to cut all of her hair off in the name of charity! Shannon contacted me a few weeks ago, telling me about the amazing plan she had to help sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy feel pretty again by donating her own hair to the Little Princess trust. Find out Shannon's inspiring story and how you can help support the cause in the beautiful message she sent me below.
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Our First Motions Brand Ambassador Meeting

News just in! I am now officially a Brand Ambassador for Motions! Find out what happened at our first meeting and what amazing things we have in store below! On Tuesday 3rd March, I met with these lovely ladies in Busaba, Shepherds Bush, for our first ever Motions Brand Ambassador meeting. As opinionated women with a passion for haircare, fashion and beauty, we had each been contacted weeks ago about this fantastic opportunity, and even though we were following each other on social media, it was nice to finally meet these beauties in person!
My Life feature: My Thoughts on the Zendaya Locs Controversy

Recently, I had the opportunity to write for the amazing, sharing my thoughts on the criticism Zendaya Coleman received for her locs at the Oscars. I was honoured, as this website - created by make up artist Kay Montano and actress Thandie Newton - inspired me to start my own blog!
      Please be sure to head over to their page to read my own - and other women's - opinion on the issue in their latest article 'The Salon of (Hair) Acceptance.' Until then, check out my thoughts on the controversy below!
      When I first heard the remarks of Giuliana Rancic, I was unsure of how to feel. On the one hand I am aware of the toxic bitchiness that 'Fashion Police' spews after every award show, and felt it was almost expected that women -regardless of ethnicity, shape or size - would fall victim to Joan Rivers-esque verbal abuse from the self-righteous women on the panel.