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Barry M A/W Bloggers Launch

On Thursday 24th September, I was invited to the incredibly spooky London Bridge Experience for the Barry M Autumn/Winter make up launch. This was the first beauty blogging event I have been invited to – as you know your girl is a natural hair blogger through and through – so I had no idea what to expect. Lets just say any of the predictions I did have were well off, as this was by far the most unusual event I have ever been to… in a good way! Read on to check out what fun I got up to, as well as to see what amazing products Barry M have ready for the colder seasons…

As much as blogging full time would be fun, most of you know already that I am a full time English teacher, so after a long day at school there was no time to waste on relaxation! I managed to squeeze a long awaited nail appointment in after work, then rushed home to doll myself up for the event!


To match my Catface ombre grey hair and my new grey nails, I opted for a greyish lip colour, so I used my new Bobbi Brown lip pencil in ‘Bobbi’ while keeping the rest of my make up pretty simple. After slicking down my edges and tying my braids into a simple ponytail I was ready to go.


I never could have guessed that my ghoulish make up would fit in quite so well at the event! Upon arrival, I was handed a glass of champagne and directed into a dark room… within seconds I saw the first of many people dressed in Victorian clothing and covered in blood carrying around plates of finger food. Not exactly the normal attire for waiters and waitresses, but the food was pretty good nonetheless! At that point all preconceptions about what the event was going to be like flew out of the window!


As I ventured further in, I saw tables and chairs full of bloggers getting their nails painted in the latest dark Barry M shades. And before you ask, yes; if I’d have known Barry M were going to have a nail bar at the event I wouldn’t have bothered with the emergency nail appointment, but we live and we learn!


Bearing in mind I have only ever been to natural hair events, I felt like a fish out of water. It felt just as nerve-wracking as when I first started attending blogging events last year, but after saying hello to a few people I realised there was nothing to worry about. Having built my confidence up a bit (the champers helped, I assure you) I introduced myself to Molly (@poppedamolly_x) who was mid-polish at the time. Immobile – perfect target! As you can tell, she seemed pleased with the results.


That being said, one criticism of the venue was that along with the nail varnish, most of the other products were difficult to see in the darkness. However, I can’t knock the commitment to the halloween theme and this is definitely an event that I will remember!



After chatting with Molly, I spied Zaineb (@ZeenaXena) a familiar face from twitter, who then introduced me to the lovely Sheren (@fashionjunkie_x) and Amina (@_thisisamina). Once Molly had finished getting her nails done, she came and joined us, so I finally had some comrades to face the London Bridge Experience tour with.  
…I never thought I’d see a corpse at a blogging event!


After being sufficiently creeped out, Zaineb, Molly, Sherene, Amina and I agreed to go get a bite to eat – of course not before picking up a Barry M gift bag!


After the event, we made our way to the Breakfast club, and had a seat downstairs by the bar while we waited for a table to become available – yes, it seems a lot of people DO want breakfast at 9.30pm! 


We of course had to fill the time with a quick photoshoot. Molly and I (below)


Amina, Zaineb and Sheren (below)


The less said about the food we were served, the better… but I will say that it was lovely to meet and chat with bloggers outside of the natural hair world and I look forward to being invited to beauty blogging events in the future.

As for the make up, in the bright light of day I am extremely impressed! Barry M have launched 4 new midnight gelly nail varnish shades, perfect for the dark Autumn and Winter nights. Furthermore, in my gift bag I also received a Super Natural Eyeshadow palette (a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette), a Light Me Up liquid highlighter, Get Up & Glow bronzer, blusher and highlighter palette and finally a Pout and About lip gloss palette! Quite clearly Barry M have predicted a trend of natural eyes and face teamed with striking lip and nail colours, and I am all for it! I also look forward to receiving their new Satin Super Slick lip paints in the post, which are full of shea butter and vitamin E, perfect for the cold winter months! 


Thank you so much to Alex, PR Assistant for Barry M, for helping to put the event together and for inviting me to such an interesting evening!

With Love From London,

Davina x


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