Ben: What I think of natural hair

Ben, 26

The current times we are living in, I believe that we are heavily influenced by the media, celebrity culture and peer pressure. The media consistently publish and advertise their idea of ‘the perfect woman’ -stick thin with long, straight and often dyed hair. This is often further endorsed by our favourite music artist or actress. Our peers are notorious for mocking those that differ from the norm so really what chance does natural stand?

Well actually it should stand every chance in my opinion, particularly for those of black and mixed heritage. Firstly your natural hair is part of your culture and that in itself is something that we should be proud of and embrace. We often see black female celebrities rocking a European hair style by way of hair extensions or weave. Yet I don’t see any European girls rushing to put Aunty Olusola’s hair on their heads, and this brings me on to my second reason…

Contrary to the thinking of many women out there, us guys actually dig the natural look, it’s a good look and it suits you … because its natural. I’m sure many guys can relate to the first time they saw their lady removing that weave and trust me ladies it wasn’t a good look then and it still isn’t now. Many females would kill for those natural curls but then again perhaps that is part of the dilemma, that age old problem that we all want the things we don’t or can’t have.

With your natural hair you will feel free and comfortable, save yourself time, money and limit/prevent the damage caused by bleaching, straightening and colouring your hair. So break away from the so called norm, be original, embrace your heritage and reap the rewards of living with your natural hair.



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