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Teaching in Dubai Q&A

After living in the UAE for two years, I'm ready to TRUTHFULLY answer the questions you asked me on instagram regarding what it is like to teach in Dubai! Also, make sure you check out part 1 of my Q&A where I answer your questions…

Living in Dubai Q&A

After living in the UAE for two years, I'm ready to TRUTHFULLY answer the questions you asked me on instagram regarding what it is like to live in Dubai! Check out part 1 of my Q&A, and keep your eyes peeled for part 2 on…

Davina in Dubai

Back in April, I sat and began reflecting on my life in Dubai... here are the ramblings of an Expat; what I learned and how I felt about my two years in Dubai. It's 6.10pm in London Healthrow Airport, and I am alone, surrounded by…

2016: Life since my Big Chop

Hello beautiful people, and may I start off with an incredibly late HAPPY NEW YEAR! As you will know if you followed my fundraising journey before New Years Eve, or even if you have checked my Youtube or Instagram since the start of 2016, A LOT has happened! However, if you have been living under a rock, let me fill you in, and also fill the rest of you in on the amazing things I have planned for 2016!

Being Mixed Race: My BBC 5 Live Interview

Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by BBC 5 live in regards to a series they are doing on diversity in the UK (please see the video above). 50 years ago, the Race Relations act outlawed discrimination on the "grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins" in public places. The focus of this series is to see whether, 50 years on, discrimination and racism still exists within the UK. Having spoken openly about my experiences of growing up mixed race in the past, I jumped at the opportunity to discuss this with a larger audience. Read on to learn more about my experiences of discrimination, and listen in on our conversation!

In Memory of My Grandparents… My BIG Shave for Age UK

As you will be aware from my previous posts and videos, this year I lost both of my maternal grandparents. My grandfather past away on the 30th September, and my grandmother was reunited with her husband of over 60 years on the 14th October - just two weeks after. I lived with my grandparents for most of my childhood and teenage years, and both of them were more like parents to me, as they supported both myself and my mother who has cerebral palsy. There are no words to describe how much love and respect I have for both of them, thus why I took such an active role in caring for them both, especially in the last few years. Therefore, even though I was left devastated by their passings, I feel content knowing they were never completely alone and knew they always had someone to rely on. Unfortunately, many elderly people can go days, weeks or even months without even having a conversation with someone. That is why on the 31st December I will be shaving my head to raise money for Age UK. Read on to find out more about why I want to donate to this amazing charity, watch me discuss the big event and find out how you can support me.

A Magical Lush Christmas!

There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.
- Sylvia Plath
If you have read my previous post, you will know that Wednesday 30th September will be a date I will never forget. Writing this blog post has been difficult for me for that reason, as what followed this event was so emotionally devastating. However, prior to what turned out to be one of the worst nights of my life, I had had an amazing time at the Lush Oxford St, and had smiled more than I had in a long time. Furthermore, the amazing gifts I took away from the event have helped me a lot through the last few days, as I have taken the time to have a relaxing bath and pamper session every day in an attempt to make myself feel better and to self reflect. In all honesty, this 'me time' has helped me a lot - taking time out for yourself and allowing yourself to relax is something we should all make time to do, especially when we are facing hardship. Therefore, it is only right that I share the amazing mood-boosting goodies I picked up on what was by far the most generous blogging event I have ever been to!

Personal Update: Coping with Grief

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.” ― William Shakespeare, Macbeth
Rather than simply discussing hair and beauty products all the time, I often treat my blog and social media as a virtual memoir: a space where I can share my thoughts and feelings on issues in both my private life and current affairs. Due to this, many of you are already be aware of the pain I have faced this year; both physically (through breaking and spraining my ankles) to emotionally, climaxing in the devastation of losing a loved one. On Wednesday 30th September, I lost the closest man to me - my beloved Grampy. Due to this, I had taken a break from blogging and social media, however, having reflected over the last few days, I feel slowly amercing myself in blogging will ultimately help me on my journey to healing.

The Power of The £: Why Protesting Outside DSTRKT Isn’t Enough

'On December 1, 1955, Mrs Rosa Parks refused to move when she was asked to get up and move back by the bus operator. Mrs Parks was sitting in the first seat in the unreserved section. All of the seats were taken, and if Mrs Parks had followed the command of the bus operator she would have stood up and given up her seat for a male white passenger, who had just boarded the bus. In a quiet, calm, dignified manner, so characteristic of the radiant personality of Mrs Parks, she refused to move. The result was her arrest.' - Martin Luther King
The image of Rosa Parks protesting for the rights of herself and fellow black people in Alabama is infamous, but change most definitely did not happen in one day. What is easily forgotten is that following that event that caused such a huge media explosion, black people in Montgomery refused to use the buses that drove them many miles on a daily basis, to and from work, for over a year until they were desegregated. It was only after this act of solidarity that real change was made. Fast forward to 2015, and after the news that DSTRKT nightclub in London's West End refused entry to a group of black women as they were 'too dark' and 'too fat,' the black community in the UK is left outraged. Images and videos of protests outside the venue were splashed across twitter and other social media, but is that really enough to create change? Here is why I know it is necessary that we must boycott DSTRKT.