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The Dangers of Detox Teas

As my Tough Mudder challenge fast approaches, I have decided to talk about something unrelated to hair for a change. Today, I come to you with yet another controversial post (I seem to be on a roll with them of recent) this time in regards to a popular health and fitness trend - Detox Teas.

If you have been following my Instagram, you may have noticed that at the end of last year I tried 'Nudey Tea' - a 14 day detox tea which promises to 'aid weightloss, wellness and fitness' while decreasing bloating of the stomach. As I love fitness but have found that my stomach is my 'problem area' (mainly because I LOVE my food), I thought that such a tea would be perfect to add to my fitness regimen. However, after first raving about the tea and the results I got after two weeks (see above) I quickly took the post down. Read on to find out why I will never drink it again due to the possible dangers of detox teas.

UPDATE: Having posted this article earlier this afternoon, I have been contacted by a representative of Nudey Tea. Additional information that I have added following our discussion has been underlined. Read to the bottom of the article to read her response.

The Truth About My Faux-Locs

For 6 weeks I had my hair in faux locs - a protective style that creates the illusion of real dread locs using extensions twisted around your own hair. The response was fantastic; my family, friends, colleagues AND students all seemed to love them, and I LOVED the versatility of having long hair. But what was it really like carrying 9 bags (no exaggeration) of extra hair on my head? Would I recommend it? And most importantly, would I ever get them again? Read on to find out the truth about faux locs.

Ella Eyre: PLEASE show your natural hair!

  Ella Eyre - the London starlet with a big voice and even bigger hair... or is it? Her hair is adored by millions, even provoking my friend with naturally straight hair to say she wanted to get a perm to 'look like Ella Eyre' just the other day. On the other end of the spectrum, her beautiful loose bouncy curls have helped to encourage those with naturally curly hair to ditch the straighteners and/or the dreaded chemical relaxer (insert horror movie scream). However, would the world's love of her hair be as strong if they saw it in it's natural texture? And what are the implications of the world only being shown an altered version of her natural hair? Read on to find out why I am asking Miss Eyre to PLEASE show off her natural hair.

Shopping, Mary Kay and the Frizz Free Curls Event

On Saturday 29th March, I took my Mini-Me, Tako (@rainbow_Takz), to her first ever hair event at Paks Cosmetics in Dalston. Find out what fun we got up to on our day out, take a sneak peak at some of the items I bought ready for New York, and as always, have a laugh at all the photos we took during the day! Enjoy!

ACLT Donor Drive – #DansBday1403

Yesterday I had the privilege of supporting an amazing cause. In Global Radio station, Leicester Square (home to Capital Xtra) the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) hosted the #DansBday1403 donor drive. The aim was to spread the word and raise awareness about the lack of black donors on the GLOBAL bone marrow register, and to sign up as many people as possible to potentially save lives. As myself and Hayley (@lenahlang) walked in, we were greeted by a warm welcome from passionate volunteers. We were each handed a clipboard with a form to sign to join the donor register. Attached to the board was also a leaflet with the adorable face of Daniel De-Gale on it - a young man who battled Leukemia for many years who unfortunately passed away, aged 21, in 2008.