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The Power of The £: Why Protesting Outside DSTRKT Isn’t Enough

'On December 1, 1955, Mrs Rosa Parks refused to move when she was asked to get up and move back by the bus operator. Mrs Parks was sitting in the first seat in the unreserved section. All of the seats were taken, and if Mrs Parks had followed the command of the bus operator she would have stood up and given up her seat for a male white passenger, who had just boarded the bus. In a quiet, calm, dignified manner, so characteristic of the radiant personality of Mrs Parks, she refused to move. The result was her arrest.' - Martin Luther King
The image of Rosa Parks protesting for the rights of herself and fellow black people in Alabama is infamous, but change most definitely did not happen in one day. What is easily forgotten is that following that event that caused such a huge media explosion, black people in Montgomery refused to use the buses that drove them many miles on a daily basis, to and from work, for over a year until they were desegregated. It was only after this act of solidarity that real change was made. Fast forward to 2015, and after the news that DSTRKT nightclub in London's West End refused entry to a group of black women as they were 'too dark' and 'too fat,' the black community in the UK is left outraged. Images and videos of protests outside the venue were splashed across twitter and other social media, but is that really enough to create change? Here is why I know it is necessary that we must boycott DSTRKT.

Barry M A/W Bloggers Launch

On Thursday 24th September, I was invited to the incredibly spooky London Bridge Experience for the Barry M Autumn/Winter make up launch. This was the first beauty blogging event I have been invited to - as you know your girl is a natural hair blogger through and through - so I had no idea what to expect. Lets just say any of the predictions I did have were well off, as this was by far the most unusual event I have ever been to... in a good way! Read on to check out what fun I got up to, as well as to see what amazing products Barry M have ready for the colder seasons...

10k YouTube Giveaway with British Curlies

It's finally here! It's been a while since I hit the 10k mark on my YouTube, but as per usual, life has a tendency of getting in the way of these things... As a massive thank you to all my loyal subscribers, I have collaborated with the amazing British Curlies to bring to you a box overflowing (quite literally) with my favourite products, worth well over £100! To enter my 10k competition, and to be in for a chance of winning all these goodies have a watch of my latest video (below) and follow the instructions.

Gav Pauze: The Healing Power Of Music, Poetry and Positivity

In 2004, Gav Pauze was in a BMX accident that left him with serious head injuries. The doctors gave him a bleak outlook on life, as the accident left him with inhibited speech, mobility and writing skills. However, through the 'natural therapies' of reggae music, poetry and positive energy, Gaz kept on going, and is now a successful DJ, song writer and published poet. Read his incredibly inspiring story about not giving up, and remaining positive in the face of adversity.

CatFace Ombre Hair

Big announcement to make girls... I'm in love! Well... in love with my new hair, so no need to buy a new wedding hat. On Saturday, I got my hair put in braids by the beautiful Nia (@NiaKnowsHair), and of all of the protective styles I have had this year - from turbans to faux locs to twists - this is the one I love the most. Why? Its all thanks to the B-E-A-Utiful ombre grey hair I received from Catface! Have a flick through my latest pictures and I assure you, you will fall just as deeply.

The Lush #NaturalHair Event

On Tuesday 1st September, I was invited down to Oxford street for my second Lush* #NaturalHair Event. Since the event I attended last year, Lush has created even more amazing natural hair care goodies, so I was eager to see what products are now available, as well as have a much needed night out after my first day back at school! Have a look at all of the fun we got up to as well as all of the natural beauty at this unique event!

7 Steps to Radiant Clear Skin

In my most recent video, I shared how I achieve a picture-perfect radiant glow throughout summer without caking on the make up. (Stand-by for the shameless plug...) if you haven't already watched that make up tutorial, have a watch here! Within the video, I briefly touched upon how I prepare my face for the make up, i.e. ensuring that my skin is clean and moisturised before applying any make up at all to my face. Believe it or not, on a day to day basis I barely wear make up. Unless I really really have to, I tend to go about my business without any make up at all (obviously mascara and eyeliner may be applied if I'm going down to the shops, but that hardly counts, right?) It hasn't always been this way. Throughout school I couldn't bear the idea of walking around with a bare face, and would spend 20 minutes each day applying foundation all over my visage. It was only once I realised that I was genuinely scared to be seen without a mask of foundation that I identified there was a problem. Once I began to follow an effective skincare routine I soon became more confident within my own skin. My skincare routine has evolved over the years, but I can honestly say I have never been happier with my skin. Now I'm not saying throw your make up bag out the window - that would render my latest make up tutorial pretty invalid - but I want to share with you my 7 steps to achieving a radiant glow without any make up at all! So without further ado, lets start, shall we?

Aduna Baobab: Sharing the Vibrancy of Africa

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a parcel from Aduna*; a business on a mission. A mission to breathe the vibrancy of Africa into the daily lives of people all over the world. Aduna is building a smallholder supply chain in Upper East Ghana, one of Africa’s most poverty-stricken regions, to empower female producers to harvest and process their baobab fruits. They are already working with 1,100 women from 11 communities who are benefiting from regular income flows. Find out more about the company that is helping thousands, the health benefits of the baobab fruit and how you can support them!

The Dangers of Detox Teas

As my Tough Mudder challenge fast approaches, I have decided to talk about something unrelated to hair for a change. Today, I come to you with yet another controversial post (I seem to be on a roll with them of recent) this time in regards to a popular health and fitness trend - Detox Teas.

If you have been following my Instagram, you may have noticed that at the end of last year I tried 'Nudey Tea' - a 14 day detox tea which promises to 'aid weightloss, wellness and fitness' while decreasing bloating of the stomach. As I love fitness but have found that my stomach is my 'problem area' (mainly because I LOVE my food), I thought that such a tea would be perfect to add to my fitness regimen. However, after first raving about the tea and the results I got after two weeks (see above) I quickly took the post down. Read on to find out why I will never drink it again due to the possible dangers of detox teas.

UPDATE: Having posted this article earlier this afternoon, I have been contacted by a representative of Nudey Tea. Additional information that I have added following our discussion has been underlined. Read to the bottom of the article to read her response.

The Truth About My Faux-Locs

For 6 weeks I had my hair in faux locs - a protective style that creates the illusion of real dread locs using extensions twisted around your own hair. The response was fantastic; my family, friends, colleagues AND students all seemed to love them, and I LOVED the versatility of having long hair. But what was it really like carrying 9 bags (no exaggeration) of extra hair on my head? Would I recommend it? And most importantly, would I ever get them again? Read on to find out the truth about faux locs.