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Gav Pauze: The Healing Power Of Music, Poetry and Positivity

In 2004, Gav Pauze was in a BMX accident that left him with serious head injuries. The doctors gave him a bleak outlook on life, as the accident left him with inhibited speech, mobility and writing skills. However, through the 'natural therapies' of reggae music, poetry and positive energy, Gaz kept on going, and is now a successful DJ, song writer and published poet. Read his incredibly inspiring story about not giving up, and remaining positive in the face of adversity.

The Conscious Vibes Documentary

Back in April, a friend of mine reached out to me, asking if I could be of any help to his friend and her dissertation. I of course said I was happy to, and I was soon introduced to the lovely Kehinde (@kaybadmus) who informed me that she was in the process of creating a documentary about natural hair. Have a watch of the shortened version of the original film where she talks us through the advances of natural hair in the UK.

Bolu’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

It's been a really long time since the last #MenOnNaturalHair response, but I love reading them, so keep them coming! A few months ago, I asked you all to respond to the two questions I asked in my original video (watch it here). Bolu (@_bnoelle) who you may recognise from this street style post, sent in her response to the two questions below:  1. Do men treat you differently when you have natural hair? 2. Would you change your hair for a man?

@HairOfHeritage: Natural Hair in Sweden

On, I love sharing the experiences of men and women from all around the world - not just our beautiful city. In this article, the lovely Nandi aka @HairOfHeritage, returns to the blog to share what the natural hair scene is like in Sweden, how she has contributed to the scene and gives us an idea of how she thinks it will grow in the future. Enjoy!

Shannon’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

I can't say that I have that many experiences when it comes to men and their reaction to my hair. I have been in a long term relationship since a teen and my partner has always loved my curly hair, however I can think of two things that seem to irk him and I can imagine that many other men have these issues too.

Lola’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

Hey lovelies I hope you're all doing well, whichever corner of the world you're currently in. You may have guessed from the post title, and if you've been following the series, you'll definitely know that this post will focus on my experiences of how having natural hair has influenced my interactions with guys. So what's the issue?

My Faux Locs and ‘The Big Shave’ for The Little Princess Trust

Hello beautiful people! Happy International Woman's Day! As you may have noticed on instagram and the blog, I have had my hair put into long Faux Locs! Watch the video of how I got it done, how I prepped for it and what plans I have for it in this video here... However, just as I have added hair to make my own hair appear longer, the beautiful Shannon is preparing to cut all of her hair off in the name of charity! Shannon contacted me a few weeks ago, telling me about the amazing plan she had to help sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy feel pretty again by donating her own hair to the Little Princess trust. Find out Shannon's inspiring story and how you can help support the cause in the beautiful message she sent me below.

Abigail: TWO Fro’s ONE Heart!

6MONTHS !!!...I’ve reached reached my first mini milestone in my journey. Boy has it been a bumpy one with a few certain wrong turns along the way, but I can honestly say for now I’m smooth sailing…. but when I say smooth sailing I mean there are still days I want to jump ship & swim to shore, wave my white flag…or even give myself up to the the sharks. (Ok have you guessed I'm kidding). For someone like me with an attachment complex to my hair (i.e. obsessed with length, dying it and then needing weave), I found the decision to go natural quite difficult. At one point I was 100% certain that having grown my hair to 16inches long there was no way I was going to just CUT IT ALL OFF…I mean, I used to pay for this kind of length! But luckily, I did not go through my journey of discovery all alone... I had my beautiful baby girl with me along the way.