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Hannah: My Mixed Race Hair and Me

"You're confused. You're diluted. You're a pick'n'mix. You're a lightie. You're yellow." Well no actually. I AM MIXED RACE.
I've heard it all. You're not in touch with your black side enough... You're definitely more black than white.
Blah blah blah!
No matter what 'side I'm in touch with' I'm proud of my mixed heritage. I've got my mums nose and my dads smile. I'm a beautiful combination of a relationship people deemed at the time as unacceptable and not made to last. Well, 28 years later it's still going strong!

Simone: You’re not Black, You’re not White, You’re Just Confused.

 Dear Classmate,
You're not Black You're not White, You're Just Confused.
You said this to me 10 years ago. I was 15 years of age, yet you made this foolish statement in front of our fellow classmates. You called out to me and said, "come over here for a minute." I walked over, without knowing you were about to humiliate me in front of everyone. I didn't realise I would soon hear their laughter as you said, "You're not black, you're not white, you're just confused."

Tawn: Growing Up Biracial in the U.S.

Hello everyone! I’m Tawn, and I am super excited to guest blog for The London Curls! I’m going to share a little bit about my experience growing up bi-racial child in the U.S., and share some things that I have learned along the way.  I hope you find a bit of your story within mine, and we can share a touch of life with each other on this page.

Embrace your Uniqueness

I'm Harley and I'm a twenty-three year old model of Persian descent from London. Considering what I do for a living, and how carefree and laid back I come across, people I meet would rarely guess that I was painfully shy when I was younger, and tend not to believe me when I insist that I was an awkward geek with severe acne, a uni-brow and poor social skills.

How professional is your natural hair?

  How professional is your natural hair? by Shefali Malonte As a young professional in the luxury industry, it goes without saying that my appearance is paramount, so everything has to be on point. That includes my gorgeous natural hair – which I wear with pride! So imagine my shame when reflecting on my professional experience, I realised that there were very few jobs I’d had, where I wasn’t wearing a straight weave. Whilst I appreciate it as an effective protective style from time to time, why was I not showing off my natural hair as much in the big bad corporate world?

Gizem: Embrace your curls!

  Hey, I'm Gizem. I come from a very mixed background; my maternal grandfather is of African descent and my grandmother is Turkish Cypriot. My father is from Kars, Turkey (same as Kim Kardashian), which means my genes have a lot going on! Though my mum is mixed race, she has always had fairly loose curls. My father, on the other hand, has very tight curls. With this entire curly gene I ended up having a little Afro as a child. It really didn’t help when my mum cut it in the shape of a small bush!

Interview with Melissa of Big Hair!

On Friday 13th June, we caught up with the creator of 'Big Hair Beauty' hair products, Melissa! We discussed how her fantastic range came about, the struggles she faced when she was first setting up her business as well as the secret ingredients in her amazingly hydrating products. We see big things coming for this British Entrepreneur, so without further ado, we introduce to you Melissa!