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Product Review: Antidote Street’s Joliette Leave-in and Hydrating Mist

  As a Curly Ambassador for CurlsUnderstood, I was given the pleasure of trying out two products from Joliette* - a 'luxury hair care brand made from oils and butters inspired by the Caribbean.' Available from, the range promises to 'not only look and smell amazing but give your hair & skin the special care they need without harsh chemicals or artificial colourants.' Having tried the Whipped Creamy Leave-In and the Hydrating Mist, have a read of my honest review of both of the products below.

The Truth About My Faux-Locs

For 6 weeks I had my hair in faux locs - a protective style that creates the illusion of real dread locs using extensions twisted around your own hair. The response was fantastic; my family, friends, colleagues AND students all seemed to love them, and I LOVED the versatility of having long hair. But what was it really like carrying 9 bags (no exaggeration) of extra hair on my head? Would I recommend it? And most importantly, would I ever get them again? Read on to find out the truth about faux locs.