Having worn my hair in various different styles during the years, I feel like there is a definite change in how men speak to me when my hair is natural.

In light of this, I have asked other women to share their experiences of men treating them differently when they wear their hair natural, as well as asking the question.. Would you change your hair for a man?

Read other women’s experiences, as well as men’s opinions on women with natural hair.

If you want to get involved, please email me at thelondoncurls@gmail.com for details!

Bolu’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

It's been a really long time since the last #MenOnNaturalHair response, but I love reading them, so keep them coming! A few months ago, I asked you all to respond to the two questions I asked in my original video (watch it here). Bolu (@_bnoelle) who you may recognise from this street style post, sent in her response to the two questions below:  1. Do men treat you differently when you have natural hair? 2. Would you change your hair for a man?

Shannon’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

I can't say that I have that many experiences when it comes to men and their reaction to my hair. I have been in a long term relationship since a teen and my partner has always loved my curly hair, however I can think of two things that seem to irk him and I can imagine that many other men have these issues too.

Lola’s #MenOnNaturalHair Response

Hey lovelies I hope you're all doing well, whichever corner of the world you're currently in. You may have guessed from the post title, and if you've been following the series, you'll definitely know that this post will focus on my experiences of how having natural hair has influenced my interactions with guys. So what's the issue?

Vincent: What do I think about natural hair?

In all honesty, I think natural hair is the best. Now, I’m not too knowledgeable on the different hair types; afro, straight, flat, puffy/volume or whatever the names are, but for whatever hair type you have, your hair in it’s ‘natural’ form is what I’d prefer (not to forget this is my opinion on it).

Sami: What I think of natural hair

There’s no doubt a woman’s natural hair can be so beautiful. It's one of the biggest turn ons for men when a woman is blessed with them silky smooth curls that flow so sensually from the headpiece waving graciously about in the wind. But really and truly, take a good look at the women around you and you’ll clock very few women actually have hair like this. Slyly quite peak for the mandem.

Ayo: My opinion on natural hair

I’ve really never understood why black or biracial females feel the need to have straight hair; why go through all the effort of straightening and texturizing your hair just too blend in or look like women who naturally have straight hair? Namely white women. There is obviously an underlying issue here which needs to be tackled which has to do with self-image.

Chris: What i think about natural hair

The discussion of natural hair is an interesting and important one. I think the topic goes deeper than what a man finds attractive from the outset. Society has pushed an image forward regarding what is acceptable and many have followed this either consciously or subconsciously. Negative terms such as picky, rough and tough hair have often been associated with natural African and Caribbean hair and this has caused a large dislike for young woman to go natural. Rather than be content with natural hair, many stray away and choose to fit in. This is not the only reason why; I am aware that relaxed/straight hair and weave is easier to maintain and sometimes the extra hair is used for protection but, underlying all this it is important for women to understand the deep psychological effects and also the damage that the heat does to their hair.
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