The various projects that have been showcased on the blog, including #MenOnNaturalHair, Black History Month and Colorism/Shadeism Project.

Chris: What i think about natural hair

The discussion of natural hair is an interesting and important one. I think the topic goes deeper than what a man finds attractive from the outset. Society has pushed an image forward regarding what is acceptable and many have followed this either consciously or subconsciously. Negative terms such as picky, rough and tough hair have often been associated with natural African and Caribbean hair and this has caused a large dislike for young woman to go natural. Rather than be content with natural hair, many stray away and choose to fit in. This is not the only reason why; I am aware that relaxed/straight hair and weave is easier to maintain and sometimes the extra hair is used for protection but, underlying all this it is important for women to understand the deep psychological effects and also the damage that the heat does to their hair.

Jordan: Why are we obsessed with the hair on our head?

The discussion of natural hair is layered in race, misogyny, sexism, gender, stereotypes, skin tone, racism and many many more things, so it is not easy to just gives ones opinion without delving into those topics. What I will do however is give an overview of how I see it. As a 24 year old black man born and raised in the UK, I, like hundreds of thousands of my peers have been brainwashed. Brainwashed into what we (we, being the masses) view as pretty, beautiful, sexy and so on. To put it simply we are taught that being black and more importantly, having black features is not beautiful and so having black hair (natural hair) is not beautiful.

Del: What I think of natural hair

"Do men like natural? Do they like weave?" Before you ask that question, you have to realise that it's a trap. 1. I cannot speak for the entirety of my gender. I'm not a spokesman for men, that's stupid. 2. Does a man really know the difference? Like really?

Ben: What I think of natural hair

Ben, 26 The current times we are living in, I believe that we are heavily influenced by the media, celebrity culture and peer pressure. The media consistently publish and advertise their idea of 'the perfect woman' -stick thin with long, straight and often dyed hair. This is often further endorsed by our favourite music artist or actress. Our peers are notorious for mocking those that differ from the norm so really what chance does natural stand?