Street Style

The beautiful curls we’ve discovered on the streets of London.

Valentina and Candice

As you know, on Thursday 14th August I went to the Balistiq #LOUDER launch party with Simone. I had the pleasure of meeting Simone's good friend Valentina and her cousin Candice, who were more than happy to have an impromptu photoshoot at the location in Brick lane, E1. Check out their natural hair bio's below. 

Sarone, Kemi and Ammy

At the Balistiq launch party, I had the pleasure of meeting these three lovely ladies. This group of friends highlight the beautiful diversity in texture and curl patterns natural hair has to offer. Slap em' on a billboard and sales in relaxers would plummet, is all I'm sayin! Read each of their individual hair bio's below. 

Ramario and Payzee

At the Adidas Do Over, there was plenty of cutting edge urban fashion. However, through all of the different colours and patterns, these two stood out from the crowd. Introducing Ramario Chevoy and Payzee Mahmood - Adidas Do Over 2014's Best Dressed.