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My Faux Locs and ‘The Big Shave’ for The Little Princess Trust

Hello beautiful people! Happy International Woman's Day! As you may have noticed on instagram and the blog, I have had my hair put into long Faux Locs! Watch the video of how I got it done, how I prepped for it and what plans I have for it in this video here... However, just as I have added hair to make my own hair appear longer, the beautiful Shannon is preparing to cut all of her hair off in the name of charity! Shannon contacted me a few weeks ago, telling me about the amazing plan she had to help sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy feel pretty again by donating her own hair to the Little Princess trust. Find out Shannon's inspiring story and how you can help support the cause in the beautiful message she sent me below.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

This documentary changed my life. If you genuinely want your eyes opened want to the civil rights movement, this is the documentary for you.  Available on iTunes (and YouTube - but you didn't hear it from me!) this is well worth a watch. A film…

New Video: Updated Winter Wash and Go Routine So the last few weeks have been interesting... I thought I was going to have to delete London Curls after a few excitable teenage boys from school over stepped the mark. However, I decided that helping people who struggle with their hair like I…