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Big announcement to make girls… I’m in love! Well… in love with my new hair, so no need to buy a new wedding hat. On Saturday, I got my hair put in braids by the beautiful Nia (@NiaKnowsHair), and of all of the protective styles I have had this year – from turbans to faux locs to twists – this is the one I love the most. Why? Its all thanks to the B-E-A-Utiful ombre grey hair I received from Catface! Have a flick through my latest pictures and I assure you, you will fall just as deeply.


You can call me Storm. No but seriously, I’m getting all kind of Storm from X-Men vibes from this icy cold ombre hair, and since dying my hair black (video coming shortly) the black ombre at the top of the hair blends perfectly. I never normally keep my protective styles in for more than 6 weeks, but I’m definitely considering keeping it in just a teeny weeny bit longer, JUST so I can throw on the famous catsuit and slaaaay Halloween. Let’s see how that goes.


As long as my hair doesn’t grow too much, I don’t see why that can’t be a very real possibility. The owner of Catface suggests that 8 bags should be enough for the average person’s head, however as my head is huge, I of course needed 9! That being said, I have had no pain whatsoever with this hair in (unlike with my faux locs) as the hair is incredibly light. Also, as the hair is so silky, it is alsoincredibly glossy, doesn’t itch my back AND doesn’t get caught or ‘stick’ to my clothes! Love it!


So, what do I envision with my new hair?

As you can see from the pic above (where I am wearing my Kiyana Wraps headscarf from the Lush event and silvery purple lipstick), it is definitely making me a lot more confident to try new looks! I have found adding a touch of matt grey or silver eyeshadow to my lipsticks has been an amazing way of matching my makeup to my new hair, and its definitely a beauty trick I will continue into winter! And people are loving it too! On my trip to Cutty Sark at the weekend (below), I got plenty of comments about my hair, and my students have also given it the thumbs up!



More importantly, as you may know, my grandparents who raised me have both been very ill recently, so any free time that I can spend with them rather than slaving over my curls I will accept with open arms. So overall, I really couldn’t be happier with this new hair! OK, enough about me…


To get a 5% discount on any of the beautiful shades of ombre hair on, simply use the LONDONCURLS code!


Make sure you check out the CatFace blog as well as the store, and follow them on instagram (@shopcatface) for even more style inspiration!

With love from London,

Davina x


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