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Confessions of a bleach addict…

Hello, my name is Jeyda, and I’m a bleach addict. I would happily admit I have a problem with doing damage to my hair. If I’m not perming it, I’m bleaching it. If I’m not bleaching it, I’m dyeing it. I can honestly say I’ve been every colour you could imagine; blue black, black, brown, light brown, highlights, blonde, purple, red and lastly… GREEN.

It all started once I became a qualified hairdresser. It’s a blessing and a curse. It means I always find it easier to do my own hair. I don’t need to spend £30 for a colour or £80-£100 for highlights, as I can simply drive down to my hair wholesaler and buy the products, which cost me £10, and do it myself. All that time I thought I was saving myself money by doing it myself, but only just recently did I realise the damage I had inflicted on my hair..

In May 2013, I decided to dye my then black hair lighter for the summer. Easy, right? I would just mix some peroxide and bleach together and bleach bath my whole head. Simple! Well no, not so simple… because my hair had been so over processed with colours from previous treatments, i had to bleach bath it a few times just to get the colour that I wanted.

So from black it went to a copper, and after bleaching it about 3 more times I had got my hair to a honey blonde colour..


A few months went by before I got the itch to dye my hair again, and started to bleach my hair more and more adding another three more bleach baths to my already bleached hair.


Then a month later I decided to try dip dye so just put a darker colour on my roots..


Then a few weeks later decided to just dye my hair brown as it was coming up to my birthday…

2 weeks after my birthday i put a crazy colour purple on it…


Then 3 weeks later I decided that it was too dark and tried going lighter… This is when sh*t hit the fan. I tried to play it safe, so I decided I wasn’t going to use bleach. Instead, I tried stripping my hair (not that that’s any better, but anyway…) so the purple lifted. But because I had bleached hair underneath, my hair was stained, turning my hair pink once I applied the stripper! The only way i had to take the pink out was to yes, use bleach.

So I bleached my hair and the pink left my hair, only to leave my hair GREEN!I’m talking about sewage green, army green, GANG GREEN!!


So I started to panic – as anyone that looked like the hulk would – and threw on a box colour which was a golden blonde. My roots looked nice but as for the rest of my hair… it was still green!!!
half green

I finally got my rear end to a salon my friend worked at, and after two attempts of finding the right colour to cancel out the green she finally covered it. I thought it was a miracle, however after a week, the colour washed out and my hair looked green again and very dry; it felt like straw.

beofre big cut

I just thought “oh no, I’m going to have to do an Amber Rose and shave my head to get rid of this green!” I had damaged my hair so much that no colour would hold on to it. It would just wash out to green. So… i got a big cut.


I got my hair cut short enough to get rid of what needed to be gone, and I added my final hair colour – a natural chocolate brown.

short brown

Fast forward a month, and my hair is in much better condition, and you’ll be happy to know that I am not using bleach on my hair for a very, very long time. To get my hair back into a good condition I use coconut oil and macadamia oil, as well as horse shampoo and conditioner (Main and Tail) which probably might surprise a lot of people. O’ve been using horse shampoo for about two years now and it is amazing… you can trust me, I’m a hairdresser!
I also dont use any heat on my hair – meaning no hair straightening or blow drying. Instead, I just air dry my hair and have it wavey.

It took my hair turning green for me to see the true damage the dye was doing to my hair. My message to other bleach addicts is to stop now, step away from the bleach, as I know that if I had continued over processing my hair, I would have ended up bald.

The future is looking bright. My plan now is just to grow my hair out naturally, and get it back to the same length, colour and health it was at when I was a young girl.

young jey


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  5. sabina

    i think im also addicted to dying hair and bleaching it. it makes me a lot of problems.i spent a lot of money on bleach masks permanent colours toners shampoos and also my family is angry.i just cant stop.i was brown than blond yellow blond black red chocolate brown black and im trying 5 months to gwt again white hair.there were days i was bleaching it to three times a day.i just cant stop with bleaching amd dying.and my hair is so damaged.i dont know what to do.and my hair is now pretty yellow.i think i wont stop until it be white..and bleaching and dying hair makes me feel better cause im depressed and not have a lot of friends.changing colour helps me especially bleaching. 🙁

    • londoncurls

      I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through depression. As much as I support you expressing yourself through your hair, be careful not to allow your obsession/depression to lead to you damaging your hair permanently. Have you tried protective styling (like weave or braids) to give your hair a bit of a break?

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