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On Tuesday 28th July I was invited to the launch of a brand new FREE magazine, written for and by the natural hair community in the UK – Curly Hair Magazine. I met Chloe (@thelazycurls) in Stratford Westfields, and after a quick costume change in Forever 21 (don’t ask) we headed down to Soho, to the gorgeous Grace Bar on Windmill street. Find out what familiar faces were at this event, as well as all the fun we got up to at what was one of the best natural hair events EVER.

Chloe and I hopped on the central line at Stratford, and headed down to Piccadilly circus for the event. Every day my ankle has been getting stronger, however I would still like to thank Chloe for putting up with me limping at a snail’s pace all day. As you can see from the photo, she was clearly very excited to attend her second blogger meet up!


By about 6pm, we arrived at the venue, and we were greeted by a lovely natural haired beauty who took our coats (and forever 21 shopping bag) and put it in the cloak room.


The friendliness continued downstairs, as we were greeted by another beautiful naturalista, who handed us the three goodie bags filled with goodies and the publication! Just take a look at all the goodies inside… Curl Harmony (@CurlHarmony), Love Shea (@LoveShea_SkinCare), Curlformers and much more!


After the warm welcome, Chloe and I ventured in and greeted some blogger pals, including Yolanda (@Yolandaas), who was the beautiful model on the front page of the magazine. Here’s a snap of Chloe, Aida (@eyedahfineme), Jade (@thecurlycockney), Cherry (@Cherry92RM), Yolanda and I after I had got a drink from the free bar.


We then settled down for a Curlformers tutorial with my beautifulSimone (@HairIsSimba), who creates videos for the Curlformers’ youtube channel. She demonstrated how Curlformers can be used on hair of any texture, before answering questions from people in the audience.


After the demonstration, we had a little more time to mingle, so I headed around and bumped into the beautiful Youtuber Yonkel (@YonkelC). Seriously getting tapered-cut envy for this hair style!


Chloe and Aida also made their way around with me. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning Aida looks with her recently shaved hair. Her confidence is truly inspiring; maybe I will get my hair cut after all (1 year late it seems).


The lovely ladies of @NaturalHairDaily also came along. Neecie with her stunning braids, Elle  and Simone – constantly twinning!


We then went into the toilets for a customary selfie break. Aida and I cranking the cuteness factor up to 100.



Then the others jumped in! Elouise (@CurlyEllaBella) with her beautiful updo, Chloe, Charlotte (@TheStylum), Aida and I.


Chloes ‘…hey, how ya doin?’ face.


Believe me, this photo with Elouise was a lot more struggle than it was worth.


As we headed out of the toilets, another performer called Linda was on stage, this time performing spoken word.



Every second the venue was filling up with more and more beautiful naturalistas. See if you can spot any familiar faces.


My fellow teacher/blogger, Farida (@CurlyProverbz), looking stunning as always!


Elouise, me, Simone, Caribe of Mixed Roots Hair and Farida posing at the front.


We then made out way back ready for another performance. Elouise had her camera at the ready.


Fresh from touring with Chaka Khan, Otty Music then gave us a beautiful performance.


Otty and his guitarist definitely got Neecie’s approval!

And Aida leapt at the chance at stepping in as backing vocals.


The lovely ladies who put this evening together then stepped to the floor, thanking us for attending their amazing event. The beautiful Sandra (right) is looking radiant at 8 months pregnant don’t you agree?


Once the DJ came on, it was time for more snaps and a boogie. Zaineb (@Naturally_ZeZe) and Melissa, creator of Big Hair.


Jade, Chloe, Charlotte, Ginny (@FroGirlGinny), Nia (@NiaKnowsHair) and Elouise


This soon became the ever-escalating pic… Jay from @CurltureUK in the back, me, Jade, Chloe, Charlotte, Ginny, Elouise and Aida…


Plus Zaineb, Neecie, Tri (from @CurltureUK)…


Plus Farida…


Plus everyone else!


Then it was time to get on down! Tri, Jay, Aida and Pelumi of @CFYH were the first on the dance floor!



Charlotte and Chloe looking stunning as per.


Ginny, Zaineb and I


After the event, Chloe, Charlotte, Elouise, Aida, Jade and I were starving, so we headed over to the Diner for food. All of us agreed that the event was a massive success and we look forward to future publications.

Oh, and if you wondered… I got buttermilk chicken with waffles, which reminded me of the delicious brunch I had in New York. Ah memories…


Thank you for inviting us to an amazing event Curly Hair Magazine, I see big things for you in the future!

With Love from London,

Davina x


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