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Emeline and Hayley

As you know, last Thursday, the London Curls attended the ‘Untangling the Politics of Black Hair’ event. As well as being inspired by the amazing debates, we were able to meet and chat with a handful of intelligent, aspirational, natural women – two of which were Emeline and Hayley. Check out their natural hair bio’s below!

Name: EmelineIMG_1567

Spotted in: Selfridges, W1A at the ‘Untangling the Politics of Black Hair’ event

Been Natural since… ‘April 2010 was when I had my last relaxer, then in January 2011 I big chopped.’

Favourite Hair Products: ‘I like to switch it up. I use a coconutty shampoo and Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask as a conditioner. At the moment I am using Mixed Chicks Leave in as my styling product, which I use with castor oil before sealing with shea butter. That leases my hair really defined and moisturised! To style my hair, I split it into four sections before twisting each part up and putting it into a bantu knot. I have to time it just right when I take it down, because too little time makes it shrink too much, whereas too much time makes it extra extended!’

Style Inspiration: Sarr Jamois

Instagram: @emelinenn





Name: Hayley

Spotted in: Selfridges, W1A at the ‘Untangling the Politics of Black Hair’ event

Been Natural since… ‘the end of 2011 was when I started transitioning, then when I moved to London 10 months later I finally big chopped.’

Favourite Hair Stylist: ‘Valerie from Hype Couture is the only person I trust with my hair!’

Favourite Hair Products: ‘Grapeseed oil, shea butter and Morrocan Oil shampoo and conditioner – they’re free from sulphates and parabens and work wonders on my hair. I also like to test and try organic products, as I like helping small businesses especially in the black community. I particularly like buying organic products from black companies as I feel they know what to use in our type of hair, rather than huge corporations that don’t know or care.’

Instagram: @lenahlang








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