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Frizz Free Curls / Beauty By Zara event with FroGirlGinny

On Saturday 29th February, Monique (@Solelysentials) and I embarked on a long road trip into the depths of Essex, to go to show support to our lovely sister Ginny (@FroGirlGinny) at the Frizz Free Curls event hosted in Beauty By Zara, Grays branch.

As two proud Londoners, the further we got away from our capital, the more anxious we were that the Beauty By Zara shop would be somewhat disappointing in the products they offered. Having spoken to many naturalistas outside of London, I was convinced that the further away from a main city you get, the more difficult it would be to get natural products.

BOY were we wrong!

I was left speechless by the amount of products on offer! Never before have I been to an ‘Afro Cosmetics shop’ that sells such an amazing range of hair products, including American brands that are like gold dust to come across in the UK, such as Kinky Curly, Camille Rose Naturals, Shea Moisture, Deva Curl and Miss Jessies. If you are ever in the Grays area, or by Elephant and Castle in London (where the other branch is) I would most definitely recommend you paying them a visit!

IMG_3228Other than drooling over the amazing range of products, it was a lot of fun catching up with some familiar faces!


Shannon, Ginny and Monique


Shannon and Remy (@AfricanRemy)


Any opportunity for a selfie!


Shannon, myself and Monique

There was also a fantastic buzz around the shop, and even in the aisles of products, the photographers themselves joined in in our phototaking!


Ginny, Myself and a cheeky photographer in the background…


…who of course came into the foreground!

The most rewarding part of the day was helping Ginny answer questions on how to care for natural hair. As Ginny, Shannon, Simone, Monique and I all have such a range of curl patterns and hair routines, we opened questions up to the floor and gave our own personal advice on various hair issues. I, of course, promoted the LOC Method, covering the hair and protective styling, Henna, Hairfinity and drinking plenty of water in regards to growing your hair long and protecting it through winter.


Shannon, Simone, myself and Ginny after our hair talk


However, as lovely as it was to meet up with my fellow bloggers and to visit such an amazing store, there is one major criticism I have for the day. In all of the advertising for the event, it stated that people would receive a ‘free swag’ bag (see below)…

IMG-20150301-WA0002@Frizzfreecurls on Instagram went one step further by stating that those that RSVP’d the event or purchased something from the store would get a VIP bag containing full sized products from their range. At one point, we were asked to take a photograph with this prestigious bag (see below)…


The infamous VIP bag and Ginny’s booty!

But did any of us that came to support Ginny receive the VIP bag? Even after doing a talk, RSVPing the event and buying multiple products, none of us were offered the bag.

Now of course, as us bloggers all have a drawer full of hair products, this wasn’t a major issue for us. However for the naturalistas that travelled from far and wide to the event who needed advice on what to use to care for their hair, such a bag would have been really useful to them. It was nice to see that a few women received the bags, but I definitely think a lot more were needed to ensure everyone received what they were promised.

Rather than getting the full size products, this is what we received…


sample sized products… yes they are as small as they look

However, even though we didn’t get everything we expected, it was a great fun – as always – to catch up with my ladies! The natural hair community has grown so much over the last few years, so it was beautiful to see so many women come to the event to find out more about natural hair.


Ginny with some of the lovely ladies that came to the event – two of them with VIP bag in hand!


Shannon, Simone and Ginny werking their fro’s

With love from London,

Davina x

UPDATE – After voicing our concerns about not receiving the free gifts we were promised, the Frizz Free Curls team did everything they could to find out who did not receive the gifts and sent them out promptly. Thank you so much for the full sized products Frizz Free Curls – I look forward to trying them out!


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