‘Frizz Free Curls’ Review

It’s long overdue, but I have finally got around to trying the Curls* (@FrizzFreeCurls) range, and its safe to say I am in love. I’ve been excited to try this all natural range for a long time, but before I go into my review, let me first go back to when I received my Frizz Free Curls goodies…

After attending the Frizz Free Curls event hosted by FroGirlGinny in the Essex branch of Beauty by Zara, I was given samples of the new blueberry gel as well as my staple edge tamer, the Passion Fruit Control Paste. A few days after the event, Curls reached out to me and a few of my fellow bloggers who had attended the event but unfortunately hadn’t been given a gift bag of full sized products. Curls therefore ensured that we received these goodies, and a shampoo, conditioner and curl cream promptly arrived in the post.

I have known about the Curls range for a long time, however I was always a bit skeptical about buying the products, as I felt the old shape of the bottles didn’t seem to hold much product in them. Also, as much of a product junky as I am, I also found the amount of Curls products available a tad daunting, so to be delivered 3 products that could all be used within one wash day was a massive bonus. The products have since had a change of branding, and I am loving the colourful new packaging.

The Review 


Creamy Curl Cleanse

More like a co-wash than a traditional sudsy shampoo, the Curly-Girl friendly, sulfate free cleanser is said to produce a mild lather, and claims to be ‘gentle enough to use daily and moisturising enough to use alone.’ Ingredients include Carrot Seed oil, Horse Chestnut, Sage Leaf and Arnica Montana Flower Extract.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was the absolutely delicious marshmallowy smell. The liquid had the consistency of a creamy conditioner, and spread really easily across my scalp. Having applied it to my roots, I felt that rather than stripping the hair, it left it feeling moisturised, therefore I spread it through to the ends as well. I didn’t attempt to finger detangle with the product as it is a shampoo, however I did notice a definite slip which is an added bonus with any shampoo.

After washing, my hair continued feeling moisturised and clean, and I only had to use a small amount of the product so it is definitely economical.

Overall I would give this product a 9/10 . The only thing that could make this better would perhaps be a menthol-y ingredient or something that would stimulate my scalp and make it really feel clean, but I think I’m just being a bit harsh. I will definitely reinvest in this!

51ln-giZ+RL._SY355_Coconut Colada Conditioner

The Coconut Colada Conditioner promises to be a ‘super hydrating and luxurious rinse off conditioner formulated with certified organic ingredients.’ It is curly girl friendly as it contains no silicone or mineral/petrolatum oil, and is also both paraben and sulfate free. Furthermore, the conditioner claims to ‘soften, detangle, moisture and hydrate your dry curls in a snap,’ and even goes as far as to claim that it ‘is the most moisturising conditioner on the market.’ Ingredients include coconut oil and various flower and leaf extracts.

Again, having opened the bottle I was instantly hit by another delicious fragrance, similar to a Pina Colada! As soon as I applied the conditioner, I definitely felt the added moisture, however I wouldn’t describe it as feeling like a deep conditioner, so the ‘most moisturising’ statement might be a bit much. However, as a rinse out conditioner, the conditioner worked really well, as it provided my hair with plenty of slip which made detangling a breeze.

Unfortunately, as my hair is very thick and tends to get extremely tangled – especially when it has been in a wash and go style all week – I ended up using about a third of the bottle in one application! I would have used more if it wasn’t for me also adding coconut oil so as not to waste any more of the product.

Due to that reason alone, I would give the conditioner a 7/10. I will definitely use this until it is finished, however I find other conditioners, such as Tresemme Naturals, to be far more economical due to their larger packaging and price.


Crème Brule Whipped Curl Cream

Curls Crème Brule (not Crème brûlée as spelt correctly in French) is used to ‘define and moisturise curls without hold’ and is also ‘formulated with certified organic ingredients.’ These ingredients include Aloe Vera Juice, Sunflower Seed Oil and Shea Butter. curl or sculpt wavy, curly and frizzy hair. Interesting, the product claims to ‘define, defrizz and moisturise your tresses leaving soft curls without hold.’

Now, nothing scares me and my thick curls more than a product that twice lets you know it has no hold whatsoever on the packaging. Having watched UKCurlyGirl’s tutorial and review, I know that such a product works really well on looser curls, but my ringlets were having none of it! That being said, the product smelt like vanilla and caramel, as you would expect from a Crème brûlée, and smoothed through my hair easily. Rather than risking a hair explosion, I sealed my hair with coconut oil after applying, then added a small amount of Kinky Curly Curling Custard to style.

When my hair dried, I was left with fluffy, voluptuous, moisturised curls! I found that rather than a styling product, this felt more like a leave-in in my hair, and provides just enough moisture for my hair in the summer sun, however something a bit thicker and more hydrating would suit me more during the winter. Overall I would give this product an 8/10, and I will definitely be using this until the end of summer!

Overall thoughts

I was really pleasantly surprised by the whole Curls range, and definitely feel more of an itch to try more of their products. Furthermore, the fluffy look I achieved after using the products is something new to me, and definitely something I want to explore more over the next few months. So stay tuned, as I believe something frizzy may be coming…

With Love from London,




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