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After what felt like months of waiting (about 4 days in all honesty), my Hairfinity vitamins have finally arrived! After reading the hundreds of fabulous reviews and seeing all of the success stories and pictures, I decided to take the plunge and buy a 4 month supply. Have a look at the official UK website to see what I’m talking about


Now, I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know that hair won’t simply grow overnight once you start taking pills. I also know that the best way to grow long, strong, healthy hair is to support your haircare from the inside out. Currently, in an attempt to stay healthy and make my hair grow like weeds, I ensure that I:

1.drink plenty of water
2. eat my veggies
3. avoid junk food (as much is humanly possible as a stressed out teacher)
4. eat plenty of protein, e.g. chicken, fish and pulses

However, recently, I have felt like my hair growth has plateaued…. recently being the last year or so. Now I’m tempted to put it down to stress, because my final year of uni was less than easy, and teaching hasn’t exactly been a doddle either. So, other than trying to take a metaphorical chill pill, I decided to get a little bit of extra help through using Hairfinity.

Now there are a few negative reviews online that have also caught my eye. A few people have said that their skin broke out having used the tablets, and others have claimed that the tablets work so well that they’re body hair has also started sprouting like crazy. Rest assured, if I start looking like a spotty werewolf I will stop taking them, but until then I will keep you up to date with the health of my hair, and I will be sure to give you my honest opinion of Hairfinity as we go along.

Have you tried Hairfinity? How did you find it? Or are you considering buying it yourself? Leave a comment below and let us know your opinion.


With love from London,

Davina x


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  1. Rene

    I took the pills for about 3 months last summer, they really seemed to work and my hair was noticeable thicker as well as longer. I didn’t get any spots ect but they made my scalp itch quite alot.

    • londoncurls

      I’m excited to see how much my hair grows – even if I am chopping it all off! How long did it take before your scalp started itching?

      • Rene

        After about 4 weeks it started itching, but i started using tea tree conditioner and it calmed down quite abit.

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