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Hannah: My Natural Hair

We asked Hannah:

What are your favourite hair products?

‘ElastaQP Mango Moisturiser and leave-in conditioner and Mixed Roots oil and Curling Custard. And also the Vatika Olive Oil Conditioner.’

What is your favourite part about your natural hair?

‘Not having to drag a straightener through it in the morning and seeing my curls in great condition.’

What is your biggest struggle?

‘Trying to find styles that suit my face and size of my hair’

Is there anything that doesn’t work for you at all?

‘The Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturizer makes my hair really sticky! Yuk!’

Why did you go natural?

Now at this point Hannah had a mischievous look on her face as she pulled out her phone. Having known her since the beginning of our first year in uni together, I expected the worst.

‘Glo, I think this is the reason we both went Natural.’

Han n Glo Throwback

Gloria and Hannah in 2008.


Han back bd side


Hannah’s fabulous mane now.


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