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Hannah: My Mixed Race Hair and Me

“You’re confused. You’re diluted. You’re a pick’n’mix. You’re a lightie. You’re yellow.” Well no actually. I AM MIXED RACE.

I’ve heard it all. You’re not in touch with your black side enough… You’re definitely more black than white.
Blah blah blah!
No matter what ‘side I’m in touch with’ I’m proud of my mixed heritage. I’ve got my mums nose and my dads smile. I’m a beautiful combination of a relationship people deemed at the time as unacceptable and not made to last. Well, 28 years later it’s still going strong!

image (2)
Growing up mixed race was funny sometimes. Having to explain to my cousins that having one black shoe and one white shoe wasn’t going to give them a mixed race pair. Or questioning why I wasn’t grey if mummy was white and daddy was black.
Something a lot of people associate with mixed race people is our hair. Even though it’s a burden sometimes I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I have early memories of my dad (yes my dad!) combing through mine and my two sisters hair because mum found our curls too difficult to deal with sometimes.

image (3)
As we got older, we used products like Blue Magic and Afro Sheen to grease our hair and most of the time it was blow dried and straightened just to make it easier to manage.
My sisters and I have completely different curl patterns.

image (3)
My older sister has tight bouncy curls whereas my hair is loosely curled and kind of wavy. And then our younger sister has practically straight hair with a slight wave to it. Trying to find hair products to suit all our curls must have been hard for my mum who was very inexperienced when it came to hair of any ethnicity other than Caucasian, but she managed.

image (1)
As time has gone on I’ve done so much to my hair. I’ve dyed it brown, black, dirty blonde, blue, purple, bleach blonde, orange (that was a mistake!) and I’m currently red…..again. I’ve cut my hair, straightened it, texturised it, shaved it, given myself a fringe and everything!! And thank God, I still have a full head of hair!
With the right products (listed below) and sitting with conditioner in my hair for hours on end I’ve managed to maintain my curl pattern and a good length of hair.

Whether people’s views of mixed race people will change I couldn’t say but I’m so proud that we finally have a voice and have no need to live up to mindless stereotypes. We are a race of our own that we need to embrace and be proud of.

Today you are YOU
That’s truer than true
There is NO ONE alive
Who is YOUER than YOU!!
(Dr. Seuss) “

image (2)
Products used:
Mixed Roots Curl Pudding
Mixed Roots Deep Conditioner
ElastaQP Mango Moisturiser
ElastaQP Leave-in Conditioner
Curly Kids Gel
Coconut Oil
Teatree Oil
Tresemme Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner




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