Colorism/Shadeism Project

Jay: I am not mixed… A Poem

I am Black.

Always have been proud to be,

So why is it you ask “What are you mixed with?” when you see me,

Is it because my hair curls and grows past my chin,

How does that not make me Black?

Have I missed something?

Too dark to be ‘Light-skinned’,

Too curly to be ‘Black’,

I am what I am.

Would you get off my back?

“Which one of your parents in Caucasian?”

Erm none. They’re both Caribbean,

“Mmm…Ok how about Native or Asian?”

Sigh…I think I’ll have to help you

I’ll give you some facts,

To help you wrap your mind around my definition of ‘Black’.

Did you know that Africa is a Continent?

And Africans can be dark or light?

Did you know that there are some Native South Africans that look Asian?

Wait let me get that right.

Some Asians look African,

Because one comes from the other, please tell your kids,

Africans and their descendants can look so different,

From Gina Torres to Taye Diggs.

Much of the African Diaspora is likely to be mixed down the line

This occurs to many families,

From perhaps yours to mine.

I am proud of this diversity,

Such things happened in our history,

But many Black people are the same and don’t, at all, look like me.

Because ‘Black’ does not have only one category in which I should fall,

It encompasses all shades of Brown,

We should love them all.

Don’t put down the dark and worship the light,

All of us are beautiful and that needs recognition,

This is has now become my mission

To show you the ‘50 shades of Black’

One of which is my Black; MY definition.


Peace & Love.




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