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Living in Dubai Q&A

After living in the UAE for two years, I’m ready to TRUTHFULLY answer the questions you asked me on instagram regarding what it is like to live in Dubai! Check out part 1 of my Q&A, and keep your eyes peeled for part 2 on teaching in Dubai tomorrow.

Questions and timings:

“Is it expensive to live there? Rent, Taxes, Groceries” 1:49

“Would you have and bring up children in Dubai?” 5:59

“I stayed in Dubai for a week and my FaceTime was blocked. Why?” 9:57

“How do they treat non-Arabs? I know they’re not great about LGBT stuff” 14:24

“How did you find living in Dubai as a black woman?” 16:07

“Is there a strong black community in the UAE, I am moving out and would be great to be able to connect with a group or something” 17:22

“Do you know of any meetups in Dubai (outside of work) for new expats to meet people?” 19:26

“Culture, people, weather, Everything lol” (not a question, but regardless!) 20:38


Article on Skype being banned:…


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