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London Curls meet Justin of Extreme Kutz

While at the Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2014 Show (AHBL), we had the pleasure of meeting Justin (instagram: @Justscuts); a barber whose clients include a long list of professional football players and celebrities. Having made it to the top five of the barber battles in AHBL 2013, it was pretty clear he knew his stuff. However, it seems all curlies share the same struggles, so we had a chat about how he could keep the curls on his perfectly cut hair looking defined.

IMG_1271The issue Justin faced was that though he liked his second day curls after using gel the day before;  the ultra defined, shiny look that gel gave on the first day of applying it really put him off. But what is there out there on the market if you too prefer curls without the slick?

One word, people. Conditioner. Find yourselves a moisturising conditioner – such as Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture, or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration – and saturate your curls with it in the shower after you have finished washing your hair. Brush it through and use your fingers to finger coil the curls you want to define and then you’re done! Simply leave your hair (NO TOUCHING under any circumstances while it is drying) and what you’ll have is defined curls without the ultra shiny gel look.

But how do you ensure these curls last like gels do? Well, our best advice to curly men and women out there is to invest in a satin pillow case and a spray bottle. Cotton pillow cases suck the moisture from your curls, and can leave your hair dry and frizzy by the time you wake up. However, satin/silk sheets will maintain the moisture in your hair and the slip of the fabric will ensure that your style remains in tact. If you wake up and your hair is slightly lopsided, mix water with a bit of your conditioner in your spray bottle, and refresh your curls by misting the mixture over your hair and teasing your curls back into shape.


So what did we get out of sharing this wisdom? Well, other than meeting a guy that truly understands the struggle us curly girls face (they’re very hard to find, nowadays), we were also invited to his Barbershop!

Justin is based at Extreme Kutz barber shop, 61 Lattimore Rd, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 3XL (Tel: 01727 846100). As we are both aware of people travelling there to get their hair cut from London, we advice you call ahead and book an appointment to make sure you get seen by such a master barber. And the best news? Davina has now found the barber to cut her hair off in July! Check out some of his amazing work below!

Curtis Obeng of Stevenage FC

Curtis Obeng of Stevenage FC

Kyle Naughton of Tottenham FC

Kyle Naughton of Tottenham FC

Kyle Walker of Tottenham FC

Kyle Walker of Tottenham FC

Screenshot 2014-05-26 09.03.00

Screenshot 2014-05-26 09.06.16

Screenshot 2014-05-26 09.06.36

If you are a curly male with any more tips on how to style your curls, or if you have had the pleasure of going to Extreme Kutz already, leave a comment and share your experiences.

With love from London,

LC x



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