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London Curls presents the GirlsTalkCurls!

During the Afro Hair and Beauty Live event in May, the London Curls had the amazing opportunity to meet other UK based, curly hair bloggers. It all started on the Sunday, when Davina got talking to the lovely Nia and Jade (@niaknowshair and @thecurlycockney on Instagram) and exchanged numbers.

Over the next two days, Davina added more natural lovelies to a WhatsApp group, which quickly became the setting for lively debates, hair tips, hair horror stories and plenty of laughter… and the rest is history! So it is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce to you GirlsTalkCurls!

Yesterday was our first GirlsTalkCurls day out (unfortunately missing Nia – you were missed!), so we descended on Covent Garden and dined in one of London’s finest restaurants… Nandos!


Tri clearly wasn’t amused

After getting our chicken fix, we walked to Leicester Square and treated ourselves to Haagen-Dazs. Simone, who works with Paks Cosmetics, treated us each to goody bags from the company full of natural hair treats! Safe to say we were all pretty excited to get home and try the Mixed Roots and Mazuri products out on our curls!


Simone, Jay, Ginny, Tri, Jade, Shannon and Gloria outside Haagen-Dazs


…then Davina and Tri traded places!

The conversation flowed all evening, so much so that it took almost an hour before the staff dared come over to take our orders!


Gloria, Davina, Simone, Jay, Shannon, Jade and Ginny


Jade and Ginny

While we chatted, we were approached by a gorgeous group of fellow curlies from Canada. The ladies were visiting the UK sharing the amazing talents of Jerushah Wright (2nd to the left) who is an aspiring singer. She went on to amaze us with her awe inspiring husky tones (definitely one to watch!)


One of Jerushah’s friends is a professional photographer, who caught a few snaps of us as we listened to her rendition of Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory – she definitely knew how to please the London crowd!

She went on to sing happy birthday to the beautiful Ginny, whose birthday is today!


Ginny cheesing during her birthday serenade!

After the impromptu performance, we went back to discussing everything curly!


Just as our food arrived, we were all greeted by the fabulous Rachel from @UKnaturals, who spotted our collection of fros through the window! What an incredibly small world!


Rachel from @UKnaturals, Jay and Shannon, clearly enjoying her ice cream!

After our catch up with Rachel, we went back to chatting and enjoying our delicious ice cream before it was sadly time to go home.

The fantastic news we have for you is we have arranged to meet monthly, and our group with be sponsored by Paks Cosmetics who will be providing us each with plenty of samples to try out and review. London Curls would like to say a massive thank you to Paks Cosmetics, as well as Simone who arranged this all to happen!


Davina sharing hair with Simone

So keep your eyes peeled ladies, as we have a lot of exciting projects in store. If you have any questions or topics you would like us to discuss in our next meet (it will be put on YouTube) please share them below!

With love from London,

LC x


Gloria and Davina


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