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Marie Antoinette and Olivia

At the SistaHub event, I had the pleasure of meeting Marie and her sister Olivia – co-founders of Alexis Antoinette hair products. Both of the ladies looked lovely with their natural hair, so it was only right that I got them to share their natural hair bio’s. 


Name: Marie Antoinette

Spotted in: Brixton, SW9

Been natural for… ‘the last three years. The reason I went natural was because I was fed up of my hair being limp. Unlike other naturals who experienced breakage or damage while they relaxed their hair I didn’t – I just really wanted a change! Doing it was the best decision I ever made. My hair is so versatile now; I can have is straight or curly, and it has plenty of body. My hair is never the same from one day to the next and I love it like that!’

Favourite Hair Products: ‘My Alexis Antoinette products and Tresemme Naturals conditioner. I like to stick to what works rather than trying lots of new things.’

Style Inspiration: ‘I don’t have one particular style icon, I just take inspiration from people around me. I’m very creative, so my hair style choices come from a collection of styles I see.’

Instagram: @mariexantionette and @aanaturals




Name: Olivia

Spotted in: Brixton, SW9

Been natural for… ‘For the last three years. My cousin decided to go natural around that time, so she exposed us to the youtube videos on how to care for natural hair, so after a while I decided it was time I said goodbye to relaxed hair too!’

Favourite Hair Products: ‘Marie Antoinette hair products.’

Style Inspiration: ‘Solange Knowles, but now there are so many natural haired beauties it’s hard just to choose one!’

Instagram: @oliviaxalexis


Find out more about Alexis Antoinette Naturals products on their website, and follow them on instagram at @aanaturals.

With love from London,

Davina x



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  1. Olivia Alexis

    Hey! I know this is quite old but I just came across this again. Just wanted to point out that Marie and I are both co founders of Alexis Antoinette Naturals products and services. Thanks for featuring us!

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