My Bleach London Super Cool Hair Colour Experience

Hello beautiful people – long time no see!

It’s safe to say my hair has changed a bit recently. My hair has changed more in the past three months than it has in my whole 24 years of life! Since my big chop on New Year’s Eve for Age UK, I have bleached my hair and dyed it nearly every colour of the rainbow… literally. Read on to find out my thoughts on the Bleach London hair colours I have had the pleasure of using, and find out what else I have in store for my hair.

Before we go any further, let me first apologise for leaving it so long without uploading a blog post – 2016 has been non-stop! However, I will try my best not to leave you so long again… do you forgive me?

As you saw from my last post, styling my hair has become a breeze since cutting it off, and caring for my freshly bleached hair has been pretty manageable as well (I credit the short length with that). Therefore, I decided there was no better time than now to experiment with colour! I went from blonde…

to peach…

to pink…

to purple…

to blue…

and finally to turquoise!

Some colours I have liked more than others, but overall I am so happy with each and every one of the colours I experimented with. As my hair is so short, I am not too concerned about damaging it, as within a few weeks it will grow back! That being said though, my hair is still incredibly soft and I have experienced no damage, perhaps due to using olaplex when bleaching my hair, and by regularly deep conditioning with Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Deep Treatment Mask. If I was forced to choose my favourite colour, I would probably say pink as I felt it complimented my skin tone the most, but I’m undecided… what do you think?

Future plans

Speaking of choices, I need your help! Now it is time to decide what permanent hair colour to try next after washing out this turquoise shade (each colour washes out in 2 to 10 washes). I want to continue growing my hair on top and having it cut into a tapered cut, such as the image below.Screenshot_2015-06-12-09-02-16-1

However, as I have gone through the long process of bleaching my hair, I want to put my lighter ends to use by dyeing it a more natural but slightly lighter colour than my naturally black hair. I am torn between chocolate brown, honey brown and a reddy shade… again, what do you think?

Leave your comments below, and if you have any further recommendations on what products I should opt for, please do share!

With Love from London,

Davina x

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