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My Faux Locs and ‘The Big Shave’ for The Little Princess Trust

Hello beautiful people! Happy International Woman’s Day!

As you may have noticed on instagram and the blog, I have had my hair put into long Faux Locs! Watch the video of how I got it done, how I prepped for it and what plans I have for it in this video here…

However, just as I have added hair to make my own hair appear longer, the beautiful Shannon is preparing to cut all of her hair off in the name of charity!

Shannon contacted me a few weeks ago, telling me about the amazing plan she had to help sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy feel pretty again by donating her own hair to the Little Princess trust. Find out Shannon’s inspiring story and how you can help support the cause in the beautiful message she sent me below.

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Hi Davina!

How are you? I hope you’re well. I’m writing to simply tell you my story in the hope of a feature on your blog.
      Why London Curls? Well other than the influential, eye opening topics you (&your guest bloggers) write about, I live in London and have long curly locks (which as you may have guessed by the title of this email – will be shaved off soon)…
      Yes, you read that right – I’ll be shaving off all 24 inches of my hair and donating most of it to charity. Why? Because I want to help someone who is less fortunate who have lost their hair through alopecia or from the side affects of cancer. I came to the realisation – after reading many stories and watching lots of videos about peoples experiences – that my hair is a gift, it grows without a problem. I don’t press stop or start on the growth of my hair. So why not give it to a charity who will turn it into a real hair wig which will go to a child sufferer of hair loss.
      I can only imagine how heart breaking it is to go through the ordeal of hair loss. As a 25 year old woman I can only imagine what it feels like. From it affecting my self esteem, confidence, self belief and my outlook on life, even my attitude. Now the question I keep asking myself is what thoughts go through a child’s mind?
      So my reason for wanting to do this is to hopefully help a child somewhere smile, be happy, or gain confidence in themselves. I just really want to help.
      The big shave will be in the month of December this year – I’m hoping to get it shaved on the 24th. But in the meantime I’d like to make as many people as possible more aware about hairloss through alopecia and cancer.
      Coming from Zimbabwe in the early years of my life (moved to London when I was 11), I had lots of friends who’s hair was short. So when people ask me if I’ll be afraid of having no hair – I know I’m not terrified. I think I have a slight fear for not having the ability to let my hair down after its been up all day, create & style my hair to give me a certain look. But other than that – it’s no big deal – it’s just hair right?
      I hope you find this an interesting read – this is my JustGiving Page if you’d like to read more of my story and see how much I’ve raised – Shannon Byrnes is fundraising on JustGiving for Little Princess Trust
There will be a lot of things I hope to do during the rest of this year, youtube videos, start a blog, and do a raffle as well!
      But one of the most of the important things I’d like to do is make people more aware of the Little Princess Trust – A charity to provide real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss and what they do! So here’s where I hope you can help – please feature me on your blog so you can help me spread the word?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Shannon Byrnes
Thank you so much Shannon for sharing your amazing story with me!
Please check out Shannon’s justgiving page as well as her tumblr to follow her on her journey, and to donate to this amazing cause.
With love from London, 
Davina x



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