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My Piercing Experience at Sydenham Ink (with Video)

On Saturday 14th November, my best friend Josh (check out his amazing artwork at @joshuajohndesign) and I headed to South East London to get our septums pierced by Sydenham Ink (@sydenham_ink). Read my honest review of this piercing and tattoo parlour and watch the hilarious (and graphic) video of us getting it done!

As you can see from the video, the journey down to South London took a lot longer than planned, mainly because I had to drop someone off in central London first. However, Candice – my friend who arranged the piercing – assured me it was absolutely fine that we were running almost 2 hours late (as the shop is open quite late on a Saturday) and came and met us at the door as soon as we arrived.

Screenshot 2015-11-21 08.58.22

The shop itself is absolutely gorgeous, and is covered in a mixture of opulent Victorian framed paintingsĀ and quirky tattoo designs. Candice lead us in and introduced us to the shop’s incredibly talented tattoo artists, Leanne and Jean. It is always a good sign to arrive at a shop that is constantly busy, and as we were there, there were constantly people coming in to get tattoos done. Check out some of their amazing designs on their instagram, @sydenhamink.

Screenshot 2015-11-21 08.55.21

We were then introduced to Savannah, the absolutely adorable woman who did our piercings. She put us completely at ease by explaining how and where she was going to do the piercings, and assured us that it was nowhere near as painful as we thought it would be. Candice had also go her septum pierced by Savannah and she confirmed that it was really quick and easy. Savannah was nothing but professional as she maintained an incredibly clean and hygienic piercing room and ensured that our noses were also cleaned prior to the piercing.

Screenshot 2015-11-21 09.00.30

The whole experience went really fast, and just as Savannah had promised, it didn’t hurt as much as we first thought! Josh sometimes suffers from anxiety and found the experience quite stressful, however Savannah and Candice were both really understanding and helpful, and really helped to calm him down.

Screenshot 2015-11-21 08.59.35

As always, Candice had me laughing from start to finish (as you will be able to see from the video) and she supplied us both with lollies for being such good customers!

Overall, I highly recommend Sydenham Ink if you are considering getting a piercing or tattoo. The staff are all incredibly friendly and will ensure you are nothing but comfortable throughout your entire visit. Savannah clearly explained the aftercare to us, and even widened my bar so that I am able to hide it away when I am at work! She also gave us a phone number to contact her by if we had any further questions.

Sydenham Ink can be found at:

311 Sydenham Rd
Lower Sydenham
SE26 5EW

Tel: 020 3643 6938

If you have any questions at all about my experience, please feel free to leave a comment! I will most likely do a Q&A video on my YouTube channel in the upcoming weeks.

With Love from London,

Davina x

*Disclaimer: This video does show both myself and my friend getting a piercing done. If you are squeamish, please do not watch. Furthermore, it was my choice to pierce my nose and my choice alone. I do not condone ANYONE feeling pressured into getting a piercing, as I feel that any modification of the body should be a personal choice. That being said, please remember if you are under the age of 16 you must get your parent or guardian’s consent before getting any piercing. Make sure any piercings you do get are done by fully licensed tattoo parlours such as Sydenham Ink.

In regards to my profession as a teacher, my choice to get a piercing does not in any way affect my ability to teach. I chose to get a septum piercing as I am aware that I can hide it away so it is not visible when I am at work. Furthermore, I am also aware that my school allows nose piercings. I advise you to consider the rules of your job/ school BEFORE getting any piercing done.


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