New Video: Heat damage after my Beautiful Textures ‘Naturally Straight’ TMS experience

My concerns were correct… the TMS system* did in fact give me heat damage!

As you may have seen in my previous post, I didn’t have the best experience with the TMS system. The leave-in conditioner (and supposed heat protector) that the Texture Management System came with went from a fantastic moisturising detangler on wet hair, to a sticky, drying mess by the time I began to blow dry my hair. Due to this, I expected my hair to be heat damaged, as my hair simply didn’t feel protected as I used my flat irons. However, rather than simply giving me the heat damage that I expected after using it, I have noticed something a bit more concerning…

Having read a lot about different treatments for hair when I first went natural, I stumbled across ‘Keratin Treatments’ a few years ago. If you search such treatments on the internet, you will see thousands of before and after pictures of women with curly hair having it straightened to a shiny bone straight style. Like a texturiser, even after washing, the curls are altered into a much looser curl pattern due to the heat. Due to the keratin added to the hair, the curls are often greatly defined and with less frizz.

As happy as you would think I would be at the prospect of having defined, shiny curls, I am annoyed by the fact I unwillingly altered the texture of my hair, even though the packaging suggested it would go back to its natural state. On the one hand I am not too upset as I will be cutting my hair off soon, however I am concerned that I have loosened the small amount of hair I will have left. This, I am not OK with. Needless to say, I will keep you all posted on my hair journey throughout, so we will discover together whether my new growth has been altered.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and see what I had to do to get my curls bouncing back!

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