New Video: Lush Henna on Naturally Curly Hair | Review and Tutorial

I went and did it people… I backtracked on everything I said about never using henna again by taking the plunge! I know, I’m sorry!! But I will explain to you why…

My bleached hair had loved the summer sun and the humidity in Thailand, but as soon as I got back, my hair had felt drier and drier! I tried to accommodate this by modifying my hair routine, but even though my curls would pop for a day or two, my¬†7 day wash and go’s were history (as is my 7 day wash and go video, but thats another story for another time!). On top of that, the orange shade my hair had gone was really starting to grate on me, so I decided enough was enough, and rather than using a chemical hair dye, I decided to crawl back to my old BAE henna.

As much as henna has its drawbacks (permanent colour, risk of looser curl pattern, messy application etc) it is an extremely beneficial natural conditioner. It strengthens the hair shaft and helps the hair retain moisture to name just a few of its benefits. I decided to use the Lush henna blocks, which also contain a great deal of cocoa butter, so its safe to say the moisture my hair needed has well and truly been restored.

Check out how I applied the henna and my overall review for the lush henna block in the video above.

With love from London,

Davina x


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  2. Daelin

    Interesting! I had no clue that henna was used to color hair or that it actually strengthens the hair shaft. I’m a natural blonde and probably won’t ever use it because I like my natural color, but my sister has dark curly hair just like yours. For some reason I got much looser curls, but I still never know what to do with them. They’re never full enough or, ironically, wild enough. I bet you never thought you’d hear a naturally curly girl say that, but it’s true. I’m the in-between, and it’s not a very fun place to be.
    Daelin | Wholesale Salon Equipment

    • londoncurls

      No, I have a few friends with the exact same problem! Perhaps if you used a lighter product on your hair so it doesn’t weigh the curls down, then used a diffuser to give it more volume, then maybe you will get the wild curls you desire? Let me know what you think!

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