New Video: Motions Brand Ambassador – Natural Textures Product Review

Hello Beautiful People!

As you may know, I am now a brand ambassador for Motions*, therefore it is my responsibility to try out their products and let you know what I really think of their new Natural Textures range. Please have a watch of my latest video where I let you know my thoughts on their shampoo, conditioner and conditioning masque.

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With love from London,

Davina x


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  1. Dinieka

    First, I’d like to say I heart you. Everything about you. You’re an amazing blogger. Sensitive, funny and serious. I appreciated the video on the Motions line of products as well as your honesty. I was bored and wanted to hear everything you had to say. Love the accent also. Keep up the good work and post more vids on twist outs, maintenance (including you routine with trims) and styles. You rock curlfriend!

  2. Dinieka

    Correction to previous comment due to typo which should have read…
    I wasn’t bored by the video and wanted to hear everything you had to say. You’re a beautiful person as well as writer and speaker. Thanks again

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