New Video: Wash and Go Tutorial and Review with Mahogany Naturals

I have exciting news… I am a Mahogany Naturals ambassador! Check out my first video using these amazing products, and also get caught up on all the gossip that lead to this beautiful partnership!

So let me be honest: the last few months have been awful, to say the very least. BUT the one positive is that I have come to learn that my self worth is always paramount – both in my personal life AND in business. That being said, I have become more selective with the companies I am willing to collaborate with, especially after the mess I had with a certain company that will remain nameless… At the end of the day, if the school I work in can show understanding to the fact I lost two of my closest family members in just two weeks, I think any business I am willing to work with should understand too!

That being said, I have had an overwhelming outpouring of positive messages and words of encouragement from my followers and subbies (I hope you realise, I value you more asĀ friends, especially after all the love you guys have shown) as well as companies! One of the most amazing companies I have had a chance to engage with has been Mahogany Naturals – a UK based all natural curly hair range, created by the lovely Tope Beesley. We actually began talking before all the tragedy that fell in September/October, and Tope was nothing but supportive and understanding when I said I needed a little break to get my head together.

Since then, as I said before, I’ve tried to ease myself back into blogging, especially as I find it quite therapeutic. And of course, with blogging comes YouTubing! So have a watch of my first hair styling video in months using the amazing range Tope was kind enough to send me!

With Love from London,

Davina x


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