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Curly vs Straight: The Shrinkage Debate

We here at London Curls absolutely adore out curly hair (it would be a tad weird if we didn't), but even we get sucked into the appeal of having long, sleek hair at times. I'm sometimes even drawn into wearing weaves during the Autumn/Winter months, only to find myself frustrated and missing my big curly fro after a few weeks. Below is a picture of me in Rome with the last weave I had... the 'Mongolian waves' were fooling no one.
Street Style

90’s inspired LookBook!!

It is no secret that I LOVED the 90's. The oversized hats. The overly matching preppy outfits. The chunky gold jewellery. The contrast constantly being set to maximum in every video (is it any wonder so many of us wear glasses?!). So when Iggy Azaelea sent me down nostalgia lane with her AH-MAAAAZING video to 'Fancy,' its safe to say I was a little bit happy... aka 'hysterically-screaming-with-joy' pleased.