Dyeing My Hair Black: Shea Butter Cottage Henna and Indigo Review

In preparation for my new protective style, I decided to dye my hair black following the henna and indigo two step method. There has been a massive buzz around Sheabutter Cottage in the UK natural hair community, and rightly so, as the Ghana-born creator Akua Wood not only flies the flag for successful black owned businesses, but also proudly supports fair trade and invests in the education of children in the Eastern region of Ghana. Therefore, I was extremely excited to review the SheaButter Cottage henna and indigo powder during my hair dye experience. Have a read of my honest review below...
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The Conscious Vibes Documentary

Back in April, a friend of mine reached out to me, asking if I could be of any help to his friend and her dissertation. I of course said I was happy to, and I was soon introduced to the lovely Kehinde (@kaybadmus) who informed me that she was in the process of creating a documentary about natural hair. Have a watch of the shortened version of the original film where she talks us through the advances of natural hair in the UK.

CatFace Ombre Hair

Big announcement to make girls... I'm in love! Well... in love with my new hair, so no need to buy a new wedding hat. On Saturday, I got my hair put in braids by the beautiful Nia (@NiaKnowsHair), and of all of the protective styles I have had this year - from turbans to faux locs to twists - this is the one I love the most. Why? Its all thanks to the B-E-A-Utiful ombre grey hair I received from Catface! Have a flick through my latest pictures and I assure you, you will fall just as deeply.
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The Lush #NaturalHair Event

On Tuesday 1st September, I was invited down to Oxford street for my second Lush* #NaturalHair Event. Since the event I attended last year, Lush has created even more amazing natural hair care goodies, so I was eager to see what products are now available, as well as have a much needed night out after my first day back at school! Have a look at all of the fun we got up to as well as all of the natural beauty at this unique event!

August 2015 Glowwbox – Review and Discount Code

It finally happened. I finally got my hands on a Glowwbox *. And not just any Glowwbox... the 'USA All Stars' edition! For months I have been envious of other bloggers who have had the pleasure of reviewing the Glowwbox, and it felt amazing to finally get a chance to try it for myself.  But maybe I should start from the beginning... what is a Glowwbox? Glowwbox is a luxury beauty package tailored to women - of all races - with darker skin tones. Whether you are black, mixed race, asian, arab or a delightful mix of the above, I am sure that you have at least once experienced the rage of going into a local shop and finding no products that suit your skin tone or hair texture. Glowwbox gives you the opportunity to receive a box full of haircare, skincare and beauty products, on a monthly basis, so that you can try various products before going to the shops and buying them! And the best news? Now I have the opportunity to give you the chance to receive your first ever Glowwbox for just £5. Read on for details...
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7 Steps to Radiant Clear Skin

In my most recent video, I shared how I achieve a picture-perfect radiant glow throughout summer without caking on the make up. (Stand-by for the shameless plug...) if you haven't already watched that make up tutorial, have a watch here! Within the video, I briefly touched upon how I prepare my face for the make up, i.e. ensuring that my skin is clean and moisturised before applying any make up at all to my face. Believe it or not, on a day to day basis I barely wear make up. Unless I really really have to, I tend to go about my business without any make up at all (obviously mascara and eyeliner may be applied if I'm going down to the shops, but that hardly counts, right?) It hasn't always been this way. Throughout school I couldn't bear the idea of walking around with a bare face, and would spend 20 minutes each day applying foundation all over my visage. It was only once I realised that I was genuinely scared to be seen without a mask of foundation that I identified there was a problem. Once I began to follow an effective skincare routine I soon became more confident within my own skin. My skincare routine has evolved over the years, but I can honestly say I have never been happier with my skin. Now I'm not saying throw your make up bag out the window - that would render my latest make up tutorial pretty invalid - but I want to share with you my 7 steps to achieving a radiant glow without any make up at all! So without further ado, lets start, shall we?