Product Review: Antidote Street’s Joliette Leave-in and Hydrating Mist


As a Curly Ambassador for CurlsUnderstood, I was given the pleasure of trying out two products from Joliette* – a ‘luxury hair care brand made from oils and butters inspired by the Caribbean.’ Available from, the range promises to ‘not only look and smell amazing but give your hair & skin the special care they need without harsh chemicals or artificial colourants.’ Having tried the Whipped Creamy Leave-In and the Hydrating Mist, have a read of my honest review of both of the products below.

As you probably already know, my hair is currently in a protective style. The fact that I won’t be thoroughly washing and restyling my hair for an extended period of time means that I wanted to use products that deeply moisturise and care for my hair before styling.

As you can see from my latest video, I began the process of prepping my hair by clarifying it (by using a bentonite clay mask) then by strengthening/deep conditioning it (by using a henna gloss treatment). After thoroughly washing the henna gloss out, I proceeded onto stretching my hair in preparation for the twists, by braiding my hair using the LOC (leave-in, oil, cream) method.

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Joliette Caribbean Berry Whipped Creamy Leave-In

For the leave in, I decided to give the Joliette Whipped Creamy Leave-In a try. The ingredients list included Aloe Vera leaf extract, glycerin… and not a lot else that I recognised. In truth, even though the product states that there are no harsh chemicals used, a lot of the ingredients were unfamiliar to me.

Regardless of this, I applied it to my hair, and found that it had a thick, creamy consistency that felt like it coated my strands in moisture. I am used to using leave-ins with a great deal of slip, such as Kinky Curly Knot Today and Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-in, so it was quite an unusual experience to use a leave-in that didn’t seem to add much slip (detangling properties) to my hair. Instead, too much of the product left my hair feeling a bit sticky, therefore I suggest adding only a small amount to each section of your hair. Overall, my hair felt moisturised and was extremely shiny after applying the other steps of the LOC method, so I have no doubt that this is a moisturising product as it claims. However the one major turn off for me in regards to this product was its overwhelmingly strong smell. It definitely lives up to the promise of being a Caribbean Berry product… so much so that it reminded me of a smell you often find in artificially flavoured drinks/punches. Great for a summer refreshment, but not so pleasant in my hair.



– Moisturising; coated each strand in moisture.

– A little goes a long way.

– Left my hair shiny and defined.


– artificial/unrecognisable ingredients

– no slip

– overwhelming artificial smell

Overall rating: 6/10 – probably not best suited for summer due to its thickness, but I will revisit it in the winter when I keep my hair under wraps!


Joliette Caribbean Berry Hydrating Mist

Having grown tired of smelling like a fruit punch after having my hair in braids for two days, I was less than amused when I realised the mist smelt exactly the same… but stronger. Working in a school means I have the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing a catalogue of smells throughout the days: from the sweaty teenage boy, to the teenage girl doused in Victoria Secrets body spray. Having sprayed this mist over my hair, I then realised I smelt like THAT fruity girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a Victoria Secret’s spray, but whereas I go for more of a vanilla-ry or coconuty fragrance, the go to sent at my school seems to be an obnoxious mixture of strawberries, watermelon or straight syrup.

But enough about the scent… in contrast to the leave-in, I found that the ingredients list was much more simple and recognisable. Seven ingredients to be exact (Organic aloe vera leaf juice, palm free vegetable glycerin, avocado oil, solubizer, blackberry extract, pomegranate extract, fragrance). Although what the fragrance is is a mystery to me, I felt a lot more comfortable spraying something with recognisable ingredients into my hair. The spray was definitely misty (if that makes sense) and left a light greasy film over my hair. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it left my hair shiny, however if I wanted to refresh my curls, I would opt for a water based spray over this.



– recognisable, natural ingredients

– left my hair shiny


– Incredibly strong smell

– doesn’t refresh or hydrate curls, but rather adds a greasy layer on top

– did I mention the smell?

Overall Rating: 3/10. Due to the scent alone, I won’t be reusing this product. Although I can see how people could use this spray, I would rather hydrate my hair with a water based product rather than something that feels greasy. I would recommend this for someone who wants to add sheen to their pony tails/sleek styles, that also enjoys a fruity scent.

Thank you Curls Understood, Antidote Street and Joliette for allowing me to try these products. As always, remember everyone’s hair is different, and what might suit my hair might not suit yours and vice-versa. Try these products out for yourself!

With love from London,

Davina x




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