Sami: What I think of natural hair

There’s no doubt a woman’s natural hair can be so beautiful. It’s one of the biggest turn ons for men when a woman is blessed with them silky smooth curls that flow so sensually from the headpiece waving graciously about in the wind. But really and truly, take a good look at the women around you and you’ll clock very few women actually have hair like this. Slyly quite peak for the mandem.

To be honest, natural curls do not even come naturally. You gotta work damn hard for them. I know this first hand because my ex-girlfriend, who is mixed race, has them curls that many girls want; them curls that men desire to run their hands through. But these were only attained because she’d regularly put in the effort to wash them, unknot them, put them in cane rows to limit the split ends and wear a durag most nights to bed. And from when we’re in these peak economic and social times when people are struggling to find jobs and feed their families, and not to mention when Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are some of the most influential women in the world (an absolute disgrace to humanity that this is the case btw), there are a lot of times when we just don’t care about working hard for the curls; we wanna give up and jam because that’s the easy thing to do.

So all you women out there who are bussin a weave because it’s the easy option, I say calm, do your thing if it makes you happy. Just please make sure it looks as natural as possible because there are times when I see it nearly falling off your head and you look like a hot mess. Sort yourselves out please. Women who buss the braided look are actually kinda nice to be honest, I wouldn’t mind my girl having that kinda hair. And if you wanna be brave like Lupita Nyong’o, then sister I have nuff respect for you for staying absolutely true to yourself and your physical attributes… But not many women can pull off that look because you have to be pretty to do the short hair thing, and if your kinda butters then stick to the weave/braids ensemble.

Ideally, I want my girl to have natural hair and to work hard for it, because real talk if I can find a woman who works hard to acquire and maintain them beautiful curls, then she’s got potential to be the mother of my kids. My kids would have them beautiful quarter Egyptian and whatever mix she is curls. However, if she wants to go for an ‘unnatural’ hair style because it makes her happy, then calm do your thing, as long as she’s not doing it because of how she saw Beyonce’s hair in her new video. Allow that.



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