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Sarone, Kemi and Ammy

At the Balistiq launch party, I had the pleasure of meeting these three lovely ladies. This group of friends highlight the beautiful diversity in texture and curl patterns natural hair has to offer. Slap em’ on a billboard and sales in relaxers would plummet, is all I’m sayin! Read each of their individual hair bio’s below. 


Name: Sarone

Spotted in: Brick Lane, E1

Been natural for… all her life

Been dyeing hair for… four years

Tips for keeping it healthy: Doing a hair treatment once a week and getting a regular trim

Favourite Hair Products: Mixed Chicks and Dr Miracle

Style Inspiration: Drew Barrymore and Kelis

Instagram: @roniecyan


Name: Kemi

Spotted in: Brick Lane, E1

Been natural for… 4 years

As you are from an African background, did you find it easy to tell your family you were going natural? 

‘They weren’t too happy when I told them, but after I cut it there wasn’t much they could say or do. Overall they were supportive, as all my family have natural hair so it was normal for them.’

Favourite Hair Products: Cantu Shea butter leave in and Shea Moisture

Style Inspiration: London, Paris and New York street style

Instagram: @kemiakinbola


Name: Ammy

Spotted in: Brick Lane, E1

Been natural for… 2 years

I love your accent, where are you from? ‘I am half Gambian and half Spanish.’

Favourite Hair Products: Hair Chemist and shea butter

Style Inspiration: Another story

Instagram: @ammydrammeh


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