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Shopping, Mary Kay and the Frizz Free Curls Event

On Saturday 29th March, I took my Mini-Me, Tako (@rainbow_Takz), to her first ever hair event at Paks Cosmetics in Dalston. Find out what fun we got up to on our day out, take a sneak peak at some of the items I bought ready for New York, and as always, have a laugh at all the photos we took during the day! Enjoy!

Now before I give you the step by step run down of the day, there is one thing you need to know about me: I am a self-confessed shopaholic. Place me unsupervised in a building full of shops and you are guaranteed to find me with bags in my hands within a couple of seconds. Luckily, with New York on the horizon (4th-10 April), this time I had an excuse!

11.30am – I arrived in Stratford, ready to meet my Mini-Me Tako so that we could start our day with a spot of brunch, before popping by the Mary Kay event that a lovely lady called Amera invited me to. Unfortunately, as is expected south of the river (East London snobbery at its finest) there was a disruption on the train lines which meant that Tako was running late. Which, of course, meant I was let loose on the shops for an hour…

As well as getting the same jumpsuit I wore that day but in black from Primark (only £15 – full outfit details at the end of the post) I also got the following neutral and white items, ready for Spring in New York!


Clutch – Accessorize

Shoes – Office (also in black and red)

High-Waisted Skinny Jeans – American Apparel (also in every colour under the sun)

Gold and Silver Braid Accessories – £1.49 each from Paks Cosmetics

A special thanks to the adorable girl that gave me one of the gold accessories from her braids in the queue in Primark. I asked her about where she got them from, and rather than just telling me the shop, she gave me one just so that I could ask a shop assistant where to find them if I couldn’t see them straight away. You can always depend on the kindness of strangers!

I cannot WAIT to show you what other items I will be taking with me, but you will have to wait for my ‘Pack With Me’ video, which I will be uploading this week…

12.30pm – Tako finally arrived and saved me from spending any more money – I still need to get my dollars! We made our way to the Stratford Holiday Inn just in time to catch the last of the Mary Kay presentation. As a teacher and blogger, I most definitely do not have enough time to sell make up and skin care products on the side, however, it was very empowering to be in a room full of ambitious, independent business women, and it was also a pleasure to catch up briefly with Amera again (see below).


1.45pm – After receiving a goodie bag each and trying a few Mary Kay products (their hand cream made my hands silky smooth – I would definitely recommend), we picked up some smoothies on the way, then headed back to my car to pick up fellow Motions Brand Ambassador Yolanda!

2.20pm – After spending a frustrating amount of time driving around trying to find a parking space (parking in Dalston on a Saturday is no laughing matter) we finally arrived at Dalston’s Paks Cosmetics. One of the first things that caught my eye was the full range of Motions products that they have in store, so if you have struggled to find the new Motions ‘Natural Textures’ range, this is the place to come!


2.22pm – Within minutes of walking through the door, a lady approached us and asked what products to use in her daughter’s hair… but she wasn’t interested in my response. Rather, she was mesmerised by Tako’s multicoloured fringe! After asking to touch it (see below) and commenting on how soft it is, Tako filled her in on her secret to not damaging her hair when using colour… regular trimming and coconut oil!




2.30pm – After I bought my gold and silver hair accessories and Tako had bought yet more temporary hair colour, we went and joined my fellow London based bloggers. It is always so much fun meeting with these crazy ladies, as you can probably tell from the pics below!


Me, Camellia (@CookieDreamz) and Jay (@CurltureUK)


Nia (@NiaKnowsHair) and Camellia


Nia, Me, Jade (@TheCurlyCockney) and Mary (@MarysHairObsession)

Let me tell you, Jay from CurltureUK had me laughing a stupid amount on more than one occasion yesterday. If you have a look at these pics, I am sure you will see why…




What started as a normal, lovely picture with Yolanda (@Yolandaas)IMG_3422 IMG_3423


4.00pm – After chatting away with my ladies and taking countless pictures, it was nice to finally get a chance to meet my insta friend René (@OwnByFemme) for the first time!


René, Me and René’s gorgeous flat mate!

Then along came Jay…




5.00pm – After taking lots of photos, we said goodbye to most of the ladies, as Jade, Ellouise (@CurlyEllaBella), Mary, Jay, Yolanda, Akofa, Tako and I headed off to the Diner for a meal and more chats!

It was lovely meeting so many naturalistas as always (see below) and I look forward to the next meet! Tako had a lot of fun at her first event, and thank you to all the lovely ladies that made her feel so welcome. She also got her fair share of Frizz Free Curls samples for the day (as did I) so it was a great day all around!




Outfit details



Seashell Necklace – A gift from Senegal

Coat and Rucksack – Urban Outfitters

Jumpsuit – Primark

Shoes – Urban Outfitters (£10 in the sale)

With love from London,

Davina x


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  1. Saphia Louise

    I love everyones curls ! I must attend one of these events in New York. I feel so out of the loop lol.
    Great blog 🙂 thanks for sharing

    Lifestyle Blogger |

  2. S. Ellis

    Thanks for sharing! I currently live vicariously through you & other wonderful women! Can’t wait to make my way there, granted I save what coins I can – teaching.


    S. Ellis (@just_Icey)

    • londoncurls

      Haha love it! ‘Vicariously’ – only a teacher would say that! But please feel free to continue to follow my experiences and definitely treat yourself with that hard earned teacher money… you’ve earned it!

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