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Sonia Muneri

Spotted in: Selfridges, W1A at the ‘Pretty White Female’ event

Been Natural since… ‘2009, I cut my hair listening to I am not my hair in my dorm room, and I just had a pair of scissors, and since then I have never looked back!’

Short hair or long hair? ‘Ermm… I go through fazes. Sometimes during the summer I just like to shave it. Right now, I’m just trying to grow it to see how long I can take it before I am tempted to cut it again.’

Favourite Hair Products: ‘Shameless plug in haha.. I’ve got my own products called Nakayi, so I use my own hair butters and oils. But I also love Anita Grant’s products as they’re mostly natural. I really like oil based products.’

Natural Hair Inspiration: ‘Janelle Monae, I love her! She just rocks it so well’

Instagram: @msmuneri

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