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Shoreditch in the Sun with Simone (@Simbafarian)


Today, the weather in London was absolutely beautiful, so my sister Simone (@Simbafarian) and I headed to Shoreditch to enjoy the sunshine with our fellow Londoners. Find out what delicious food we ate as well as my recommendations for if you are ever in the Shoreditch/ Bethnal Green area.

The mood in London is instantly lifted as soon as the sun is out. I actually saw people smiling on the underground today (SHOCK HORROR) as those who weren’t locked away at work descended on the city to enjoy the sun. It’s times like these that I am SO grateful to have so many holidays as a teacher – I’ll try and remember this positivity when I’m pulling my hair out, buried in marking next week!

Right next to Shoreditch High Street station is BoxPark; a ‘pop-up mall’ full of boutiques and various food outlets with a rooftop seating area perfect for sitting in the sun. If you want to chill out, listen to good music and enjoy different taste experiences this Spring/Summer definitely give this place a visit.


Clearly I am not the only one that feels the love in the air in this part of town, as opposite BoxPark is London’s very own (somewhat less scenic) version of the Pont de l’Archeveche or ‘Lovelock bridge’ of Paris.

Under the recommendation of Simone, we visited Cook Daily – a vegan restaurant found within the BoxPark. Last summer I made an (awful) attempt at going vegan – it lasted all of 2 days. The reason why I found it so hard was (a) I love cheese, and (b) I felt vegan food often lacked flavour.

Cook Daily proved me completely wrong with its delicious range of vegan bowls. I opted for a vegan bowl with a banana and spinach smoothie and it didn’t disappoint.


As I was pretty peckish (as always) I chose ‘the Hard Bowl’ which I was told would fill me up.


As you can probably tell from the image below, it was delicious, and for once I didn’t crave meat or cheese to improve the flavour. If you want genuinely flavoursome, deliciously healthy food I definitely recommend giving this place a try!


Simone and I were both very happy customers.


Before walking down to Brick Lane, Simone and I made the most of the urban backdrop by having a mini photoshoot in front of the fabulous graffiti in the area.

This is the last full day that I will have my locs in, and as much aggro as they cause me (as you can see by me fiddling with them below), I am going to miss them…




That being said, seeing Simone’s mane made me long for my curly hair again! Simone recently got her hair cut by Michael from Unruly Curls, and I think you will agree, yet again he has done a fantastic job!




On the topic of Unruly Curls, as we walked around, we bumped into another happy customer, who after seeing my Unruly Curls video (click this link) also went to get a cut. Looking gorgeous as always Frena (@frenak)!


After lunch, it was time for dessert, and sticking with the vegan theme, we headed to Dark Sugars – a delicious chocolate shop with a range of vegan friendly chocolates also on offer. If you want a true taste of authentic, quality cocoa fresh from Ghana, definitely given this gem a try!


I’ve been told the hot chocolate is also delicious, but with the weather being so nice, hot chocolate was the last thing I wanted as a refreshing drink. Maybe next time!

Inside, the range of chocolates was insane!

IMG_4527 IMG_4528


Paul was happy to recommend different chocolates to suit our tastebuds, allowed us to taste them and wrapped them up for us with a smile. Brilliant customer service, I must say!


As we walked back to BoxPark, I had to stop to take a picture of my saviour! On a night out in Brick lane, it is CRITICAL that you stop and get yourself a salt beef bagel (or biegel) from the Beigel Bake. This place is a landmark in Brick lane – even my 88 year old gran remembers eating from the bagel shops on Brick lane as she grew up in the East end of London.


All that walking in the sun left me pretty parched, so on returning to BoxPark I got myself a yummy Peach and Lychee bubble tea from the MilkTeaPearl.

As I slurped my tea, Simone enjoyed some of her treats.


It was a lovely day with fantastic company. Hopefully I will see more of you in the East London area as the weather gets better – you have no excuse not to go on adventures when the sun is out!


With love from London,

Davina x


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