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Being Mixed Race: My BBC 5 Live Interview

Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by BBC 5 live in regards to a series they are doing on diversity in the UK (please see the video above). 50 years ago, the Race Relations act outlawed discrimination on the "grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins" in public places. The focus of this series is to see whether, 50 years on, discrimination and racism still exists within the UK. Having spoken openly about my experiences of growing up mixed race in the past, I jumped at the opportunity to discuss this with a larger audience. Read on to learn more about my experiences of discrimination, and listen in on our conversation!
My Life

5 Warning Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship: Enough is Enough

Tonight I stayed up to watch a short film based on a true story called 'Murdered by my Boyfriend.' The film followed a young woman called 'Ashley' (her name was changed to protect her identity) who was in a four year relationship with an increasingly abusive, manipulative and violent man, 'Reece'. The relationship inevitably ended in the murder of Ashley, however, like so many abusive relationships, the pair were happy and Reece seemed like the perfect boyfriend at the start... Abuse can come in many forms, and it is so important to understand what is and what is categorically not OK in a relationship. Do not feel like you must make excuses for the person and never push those close to you away, as it is often them who see the issue way before you do. Here are a list of warning signs you should not ignore.