The Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection Tutorial and Review

  Hello Beautiful People! Yes, I've gone and done it again... I've casually become a stranger to my own blog. I do apologise... there has been A LOT going on, and some life changing decisions that have been made (all will be revealed soon, so watch this space...) but I am back with a long anticipated review! Read on to find out my true thoughts on the range that has the natural blogging world going crazy, and watch my technique of how to use Frizz Free Curls' wonder products to get the perfect 5 minute wash and go!
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Ella Eyre: PLEASE show your natural hair!

  Ella Eyre - the London starlet with a big voice and even bigger hair... or is it? Her hair is adored by millions, even provoking my friend with naturally straight hair to say she wanted to get a perm to 'look like Ella Eyre' just the other day. On the other end of the spectrum, her beautiful loose bouncy curls have helped to encourage those with naturally curly hair to ditch the straighteners and/or the dreaded chemical relaxer (insert horror movie scream). However, would the world's love of her hair be as strong if they saw it in it's natural texture? And what are the implications of the world only being shown an altered version of her natural hair? Read on to find out why I am asking Miss Eyre to PLEASE show off her natural hair.
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Sali Hughes Pretty White Female – How Beauty Can Appeal to Every Woman

On Tuesday, the London Curls descended onto the streets of West London so as to attend another of the #BeautyProject events at Selfridges. We absolutely loved the Untangling the Politics of Black Hair event in May, and this event promised to be just as enthralling with a star studded panel. The panel included founders of multicultural beauty website, ThandieKay, BAFTA award winner Thandie Newton and Kay Montano, BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter Gemma Cairney and Health and Beauty Director of Women's Health, Anita Bhagwandas.