The Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection Tutorial and Review

  Hello Beautiful People! Yes, I've gone and done it again... I've casually become a stranger to my own blog. I do apologise... there has been A LOT going on, and some life changing decisions that have been made (all will be revealed soon, so watch this space...) but I am back with a long anticipated review! Read on to find out my true thoughts on the range that has the natural blogging world going crazy, and watch my technique of how to use Frizz Free Curls' wonder products to get the perfect 5 minute wash and go!
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Curly vs Straight: The Shrinkage Debate

We here at London Curls absolutely adore out curly hair (it would be a tad weird if we didn't), but even we get sucked into the appeal of having long, sleek hair at times. I'm sometimes even drawn into wearing weaves during the Autumn/Winter months, only to find myself frustrated and missing my big curly fro after a few weeks. Below is a picture of me in Rome with the last weave I had... the 'Mongolian waves' were fooling no one.
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