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Sali Hughes Pretty White Female – How Beauty Can Appeal to Every Woman

On Tuesday, the London Curls descended onto the streets of West London so as to attend another of the #BeautyProject events at Selfridges. We absolutely loved the Untangling the Politics of Black Hair event in May, and this event promised to be just as enthralling with a star studded panel. The panel included founders of multicultural beauty website, ThandieKay, BAFTA award winner Thandie Newton and Kay Montano, BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter Gemma Cairney and Health and Beauty Director of Women's Health, Anita Bhagwandas.
My Life


Other than an oh so slight addiction to clothes shopping, there is one other addiction I just can't kick to the curb... curly hair products! I am 100% a hair product junkie, and proud! There are few products I haven't tried, and those that I haven't, I will very happily give a go *hint hint nudge nudge wink wink*.
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Emeline and Hayley

As you know, last Thursday, the London Curls attended the 'Untangling the Politics of Black Hair' event. As well as being inspired by the amazing debates, we were able to meet and chat with a handful of intelligent, aspirational, natural women - two of which were Emeline and Hayley. Check out their natural hair bio's below!

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